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10 Fun Things To Do In China That Will Let You Explore A Land Beyond The Great Wall!

China has a diverse landscape, a variety of attractions, and even some hidden gems worth a visit. This country boasts of a lot of exotic destinations which should be part of your itinerary while visiting China. And more than what meets the eye, there is definitely a lot more of things to do in China than just visiting the iconic Wall or the Forbidden City.

And to let you experience the same, here is a list which will help you plan your adventure in China. Make sure you include these fun things to do in China in the itinerary of your next trip!

1. Boating On River Li

Boating at River Li

The 83 km long Li River is clean enough for a boating trip or just a swim for those who are looking for fun things to do in China. You can travel on the cruise boat for a comfortable boating experience, choose to kayak on the Li River from Yangshuo, or can also enjoy bamboo rafting for a floating experience as the scenery is worth the visit.

Location: Guilin
Cruise Duration: 4 to 5 Hours
Best Time: April to June

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2. Interact With The Cute Pandas

Pandas in China

One of the fun things to do in China is to visit some super cute Pandas at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. The black and white fluffy animals love hanging, climbing, and munching on the bamboo groves. These adorable creatures are happy and lively all the time which makes it a must-experience to spend a day with them on your next trip to China.

3. Hike The Floating Mountains

Floating Mountains

Are you an Avatar fan? Well, a hike to the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park will then be a familiar trail for you. These mountains were the inspiration behind the floating mountains in Avatar. One of the most awesome things to do in China is to go hiking at this stunning park where the clouds accompany you making the experience more lively.

Tip: Take the famous Bailong Elevator that is a 1,070 feet high glass elevator built on the cliff for making travel easier.

4. Taste The Hot Pot Of Sichuan

Hot Pot Of Sichuan

While visiting the Province of Sichuan, make sure you taste local cuisines that are famous for the fiery flavour served almost in every dish. This is surely one of the 10 best things to do in China as you will be testing the limits of your taste buds with the famous Hot Pot of Sichuan broth.

5. Experience The Best Of Kite Flying

Kite Flying China

While exploring the city of Beijing, one must visit the Temple of Heaven for a quick history lesson about the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors. You can observe the locals practicing Tai Chi early in the mornings, young men and women playing Xiangqi, and many experts flying kites in an open area. Refreshing as it sounds, this is definitely a must-experience on your list of things to do in China.

Location: 1 Tiantan E Rd, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China

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6. Kashgar’s Sunday Market

Kashgar's Sunday Market China

Shopping in China can be a fun activity when it comes to visiting the street markets here. Ditching all the malls and boutiques, most of the travelers find shopping at Kashgar’s Sunday Market to be one of the coolest things to do in China. These are two separate markets where the Yengi Bazaar has a plethora of colorful fabrics, hats, and more knives than you can imagine. However, Ulak market is famous for selling wholesale livestock where the deals are too good to miss.

Tip: Sundays are the busiest days so make sure you plan accordingly before visiting this market to avoid all the hustle and bustle.

7. Bamboo Tube Rice

Bamboo Tube Rice

When you take a trip to the Longsheng Longji rice terraces, make sure you take out a minute to admire the hard work of the farmers. One of the best things to do in China is to try the Zhongfan, bamboo tube rice delicacy which is quite famous in these parts. The dish is made up of glutinous rice, dry meat, and peanuts which are sealed in a bamboo tube and then cooked over fire. Do not miss out on this!

8. Ancient Art In Mogao Grottoes


If you are interested in art and history, then here are some of the fun things to do in China. Become an explorer and archaeologist for a day as you visit the Mogao Grottoes. These are about 700 caves filled with ancient Buddhist artwork, all of which are not open on the same day. However, you can get some inspiration to make your own piece too!

Location: Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, China
Timings: Monday to Sunday – 8 AM to 5:30 PM

9. Taste The Xiaolongbao In Shanghai


A trip to Shanghai is undoubtedly incomplete without relishing the traditional dish of Xiaolongbao that is a must to be included in your itinerary. One of the best things to do in Shanghai, China is getting a taste of the delicious street food of which, the famous soup dumplings of Shanghai are worth every penny you spend. Traditionally made of pork and cooked in small bamboo steamers, these local treats are a must-try!

10. Meet And Greet The Locals


Still confused about what to do in China? If you don’t want to be the typical tourist visiting the same attractions, one of the most interesting things to do in Beijing, China is to hop onto a rented sidecar while moving around the city. You will have a great experience riding through the great capital under the blue sky observing the skyscrapers and some of ancient structures. One of the most unusual things to do in China is visiting the Siheyuan Courtyards that are shared with Chinese families. Yes! You can actually meet these family clans who still live there and enjoy some good old banter and have a meal with them for a true local experience.

The list is obviously endless with the assortment of activities that you can indulge in. However, making a note of these fun things to do in China is sure to make your journey an unforgettable one. And for a hassle-free experience, book one of the customizable China holiday packages with TravelTriangle!

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