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Guide To Radhanagar Beach: Explore The Most Stunning Beach Of Andaman

Radhanagar Beach is amongst the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Located in Havelock Island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, this astounding beach has been attracting Globetrotters with its impeccable and serene ambiance. The turquoise blue sea and white sand beaches of Radhanagar beach is an exclusive experience where you can relax and have a leisurely time with your partner or family. The panoramic sights of sunset on this beach will make you capture a few best memories of your Andaman trip.

Radhanagar Beach has been entitled amongst the best beaches in Asia by numerous platforms including Tripadvisor’s Travellers Choice and Time Magazine. Do plan a visit to this stunning beach while vacationing in Andaman. Read more to get details on Radhanagar Beach in India:

Best Time To Visit Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach, located in Havelock Island is one of the dream destinations of the Globetrotters who are planning a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The best time to explore this beautiful beach is during winter months, that is, from December to February. It is the time when the climate is mildly cold ranging between 19 to 26 degrees Celsius making it appropriate to encounter the beauty of this astounding beach.
Summer in Radhanagar beach is quite hot and the temperature varies from 24-32 degrees Celsius. Monsoons are comparatively pleasant to explore this beach as the beauty of the surrounding dense forest gets enhanced during the rainy season that falls between May to August.

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Whether interested in spending a day at your own pace or looking for an adventurous expedition, check out the interesting things to do in Radhanagar Beach:

1. Relax By The Beach

Relax By The Beach

Radhanagar Beach was entitled as the best beach in Asia and the seventh-best beach in the world in 2004 and 2015 respectively by the Time Magazine. With crystal-clear water on one end and lush green trees on another, the best way to enjoy this beach is by walking barefoot on the white sand of this beach. You can relax here at your own pace and your leisurely hours can be extended by exploring the nearby beaches, especially, Govind Nagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, and Elephant Beach.

2. Scuba Diving At South Button

Scuba Diving At South Button

South Button island near Radhanagar Beach is known for the stunning scuba diving experience. Do plan a visit to this island that offers fun diving along with certification courses in Scuba. This diving course will surely captivate you as it is the best way to witness the dynamic marine life of the mesmerizing Havelock Island.

3. Snorkeling Amidst Corals

Snorkeling Amidst Corals

You can go for an electrifying snorkeling experience at the nearby shores of Elephant Beach and witness vibrant corals and marine life in the crystal clear water. You can trek down to the Elephant Beach and book a snorkeling session as this excursion will surely give an adventurous twirl to your stay in Andaman.

4. Trek To Elephant Beach

Trek To Elephant Beach

If you are planning to visit the nearby Elephant Beach then take a trek to it as it is the best way to reach there. However, you will find numerous boat operators suggesting to avoid it but the trekking trail Elephant Beach well marked, safe and comfortable walk of nearly 2 km. This trek will take a maximum of 30 minutes but will make you witness the explored area of magnificent Havelock Island.

Radhanagar Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is surrounded by numerous other astounding beaches and popular attractions. Get details on the amazing places located near Radhanagar Beach:

1. Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar Beach is the smallest beach of Andaman and is believed to be one amongst the most charming beaches of this majestic island. This beach is located in the village of Kala Pathar and purveys the stunning scenic landscapes. You can spend a great time here either by strolling at the beach, enjoying the cool breeze tingling through hair or bind your hammock with a tree and witness the stunning views of sunset or sunrise here.

2. Govind Nagar Beach

Govind Nagar Beach

Another stunning beach near Radhanagar Beach is Govind Nagar Beach where you can reach by hoping a local boat. The scenic beauty of this place must not be left unexplored while holidaying in Andaman. Its proximity to Radhanagar Beach in India has made it quite a popular tourist spot these days. The impeccable beauty of this beach will surely make you fall in love with this spot.

Planning your holiday in Andaman but confused about what to do? These Andaman travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

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  • Aakash Shares Tips To Plan An Ideal Honeymoon In Andaman Of 6D/5N

    3. Mangrove Forest

    Mangrove Forest

    Apart from beautiful coral reefs, stunning beaches, dense forest, Andaman is also famous for its mangrove creeks. These mangroves of Andaman grows in shallow and muddy salt water along the quiet shoreline. The mangrove forest of Havelock Island are quite amazing and surprise the travelers with its unique experience.

    4. Elephant Beach

    Elephant Beach

    Elephant Beach is a true delight for nature lovers. As the beach closes in the evening, plan a visit from Radhanagar to Elephant Beach in early hours. One can take a jetty to Elephant island from the dock and enjoy the panoramic sceneries of magnificent Havelock Island on the way. You can also trek down to Elephant Beach by taking an interesting trek of 2 km which will take nearly 20-30 minutes.

    Radhanagar Beach offers delicious food options. Check out the list of the best restaurants and cafes near Radhanagar Beach:

    1. Turtle Cafe

    Turtle Cafe

    This beautiful cafe is located in Taj Exotica Resort and purveys a perfect combination of taste and luxury. The culinary fiesta of here is quite interesting and you can surely hop in to Turtle Cafe for a perfect dinner with your significant other.
    Address: Taj Exotica Resort And Spa, Andamans Radhanagar Beach No 7 Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
    Timings: 7-10 PM
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5 | Google Rating: 5/5

    2. The Blue Cafe

    The Blue Cafe

    If you are looking forward to have a sip of coffee and grab some local brunch, then do visit the Blue Cafe. This pocket-friendly cafe is a perfect spot for coffee lovers as one can overlook the lively street leading to Radhanagar Beach.

    Address: Near Radha Nagar Beach Havelock, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

    3. Something Different- A Beachside Cafe

    Something Different- A Beachside Cafe

    This beach cafe is a perfect escape for pizza lovers or travelers interested in grabbing delicious Chinese cuisine. As the name suggests, this beachside cafe truly offers different to its guests with its gratifying staff and scrumptious food options.

    Address: Beach No. 2, Behind Havelock Power House, Havelock Island.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

    How To Reach Radhanagar Beach

    The best way to reach Radhanagar Beach in Andaman and Nicobar islands is through the jetty. You can take a jetty from Swaraj Dweep dock which will drop you at Swaraj Dweep Island, nearly 10 km away from the dock. From there you need to take an auto, cab, two-wheelers or rickshaw to reach Radhanagar Beach.

    Radhanagar Beach is a place that will surely stay in your memory for years to come. Witness the majestic beauty of this beach located amidst nature’s bounty by booking a trip to Andaman through TravelTriangle.

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    10 Ancient Museums In Uzbekistan For An Exciting Historical Tour In 2019

    Somewhere in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is a small country which is known for its history and modern day art. Linked to the Silk route which is the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean, this place is a home to the unique Islamic architecture which attracts many visitors from all around the globe. Apart from the architecture, Uzbekistan is prominent because of the notable museums in Uzbekistan which are around 110 in number. Largest number of museums are found in the capital city, Tashkent along with others in different major cities like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. The Museums basically focus on the Uzbek modern and classic art and the folk pieces of virtu and antiques which comprise of the cultural heritage of the country.

    Embrace your vacations in Uzbekistan as you come across the beautiful ancient history of the country. Have the best time with your loved ones here as you can savor upon the local delicacies, enjoy shopping and grab handicrafts and other souvenirs from the vibrant markets. To witness the museums in Uzbekistan, browse through the following list:

    1. Amir Timur Museum


    Timur was Turco-Mongol Persiante Conqueror to which this museum is named. Also known as the Museum of History of Timurids, Amir Timur Museum is the perfect example of exceptional architecture with a huge blue dome over it. The museum is surrounded by beautiful fountains which add up stars to its charm. The facade of the museum is richly decorated and it exhibits paintings, weapons, old clothes, utensils, manuscripts, and documents from the past which are closely related to the life and activity of Amir Timur.

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    2. Tashkent Museum Of Railway Technics


    If you are on your family trip, then this is the best place for you to visit. Museum of Railway Technics houses the steam and diesel engines and coaches which used to run throughout the country a long time ago. You may get a brief introduction about the different types of coaches of the engines. Although it majorly emphasises on railway engines, families can also chill in the parks inside. Take pictures with the coaches and feel the vintage vibe here. It remains closed on Monday and Tuesday.

    3. History Museum Of Uzbekistan


    Visit the 136 years old State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, which displays archeological, anthropological and numismatic representing the timeline of Uzbekistan till date. The museum is divided into 4 floors which chronologically exhibits the history of the country with the 4th floor telling you about the modern history of 19-20th centuries. You can take home embroidered carpets, miniatures or ceramics from the shop which is under the museum.

    4. Valentina Romanenko Art Workshop And Studio

    Valentina Romanenko Art Workshop And Studio

    Take your family and loved ones to the Valentina Romanenko Art Workshop and Studio in Samarkand and watch out for the rich experience of Samarkand masters ink silk, painting and embroidery. Here you can see the costumed folk show and obviously purchase any dress of your choice. You can avail from the guided tours to the studio which will take you for an exhibition of the amazing dresses from Valentina Romanenko being created before your eyes.

    Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

    Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

    5. Afrasiab Museum


    This museum in Samarkand is totally dedicated to the history of the city. The museum gets its name from Afrasiab which is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world and was destroyed by the Mongols in the early 13th century. This museum readily explains the development of Samarkand and the history associated since the time of Alexander the Great conquest. The 40 year old building includes evidences of unique wall paintings, which decodes to hunting scenes and holiday celebrations.

    6. Savitsky Art Museum


    The museum is named after a Moscow Artist, I.V. Savitsky who acquired works of contemporary art, which were forbidden by existing political regime back then. Savitsky Art Museum is considered to be one of the best museums of the world by many renowned sources. It is a school to classic art collections in Asia and comprises of the world’s second-largest collection of Russian avant-garde. It also displays the art of ancient Khorezm, along with brilliant copies of some exhibits of the Louvre in Paris.

    7. State Art Museum Of Uzbekistan


    Since 1918, the State Art Museum of Uzbekistan or Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan has preserved 100 works of sculpture, paintings, drawings. When you visit here, you can also behold the porcelain by Russian and Western European masters from the collections of the Prince Romanov and other private collections of that time, nationalized by the Soviet government after the revolution.

    8. Art Gallery Of Uzbekistan


    The President of Uzbekistan initiated to set up a fine art collections in 1994, which when exceeded the space capacity of a bank gallery, got converted into an exhibition hall. You will find 15 rooms inside the Art Gallery along with conference room, lecture hall, studios to organize seminars and workshops. Make a visit to the gallery and get to see the classic paintings of Uzbek artists, best contemporary works.

    9. State Museum of Nature


    The Museum exhibits consists of around 4,00,000 items, out of which three-fourth are insects and herbarium sheets, zoological and geological materials amongst others. You are welcome to explore the four sections of this place which are Department of Geology and Geography, Department of Flora and Fauna, Scientific and Educational Department and the Stock Department. Come across the collection of fish, snails, shells, dinosaur bones and other fossils.

    10. Museum Of Applied Art Of Uzbekistan


    When you are on your trail to search for the best museums in Uzbekistan, you cannot miss the Museum of Applied Arts in Tashkent. What will amaze you here is the works of applied arts which emphasises on ancient traditions related to schools. Along with these, encounter the works created by the traditional craftsmen’s method and also the work of modern art overwhelmed with colorful monuments. Visit the shops inside the museums to purchase antique artworks of the Uzbek Masters.

    So, check out these famous museums in Uzbekistan and go for a fun-packed holiday along with lots of knowledge and sightseeing. Explore other attractions of the attractions and have the best time with your family and friends. Book a tour to Uzbekistan with TravelTriangle today.

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    A Guide To Elephant Beach: Traversing The Most Silent Beach Of Andaman

    Elephant Beach is amongst the most popular attractions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This interesting beach is located in Havelock island and one needs to take a ferry to reach here. The panoramic vistas of Elephant Beach will surely make you fall in love with this enticing place. It is one of the cleanest beaches in India that offers an exclusive experience to travelers looking for peaceful expeditions while holidaying in Andaman.

    As the Elephant Beach is gaining popularity, you can take a day trip to this beach along with exploring the nearby beaches such as Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, and Mangrove Forests. The beach lures wanderers from across the continent with its bright coral reefs that can be witnessed at the depth which is merely a meter shallow.

    Elephant Beach also offers numerous water sports adventurous excursions including swimming, kayaking, fishing, and a lot more! Read more to get details on this stunning beach ensuring the most awesome holiday with its crystal clear ocean water, and golden beaches surrounded by lush green forests.

    Best Time To Visit Elephant Beach

    The best time to visit Elephant Beach depends on the purpose of your visit. This beautiful beach located in the mesmerizing Havelock Island is best to be explored during winter, that’s between December to February. The temperature ranges between 19-26 degree Celsius during winter making it comfortable for sightseeing. Whether you want to relax by the peaceful spots on this beach or indulge in some water sports adventure, an expedition to Elephant Beach in winter will surely make you gather a plethora of awesome memories.

    Summer is quite hot and humid making it difficult a bit uncomfortable for tourists. However, monsoons are amazing here give you a chance to witness the panoramic beauty of this peaceful Elephant Beach.

    Andaman Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

    Indulge in snorkeling or scuba diving to see magnificent coral reefs or stay in beach resorts at Havelock island. Visit Port Blair, Ross Islands, Neil Islands, Gandhi marine park, and Cellular Jail. Book memorable holiday packages on TravelTriangle.

    Elephant Beach offers numerous electrifying activities. Check out the most adventurous things to do in Elephant Beach including snorkeling, trekking, scuba diving, fun diving, and a lot more!

    1. Trekking


    If you think that the best way to reach Elephant Beach is via boat then you are wrong! The trekking trail is the best way to reach Elephant Beach as it is well marked, safe and simple walk of merely 2 km. You may find the boat operators, elaborating the risks of this trek which is part of their business tactics. The starting point of this trek is located in Radhanagar Beach, another mesmerizing beach in Havelock Island.

    2. Leisurely Hours

    Leisurely Hours

    You can have your own time by relaxing at one of the most peaceful and unexplored beaches of India. You can spend hours witnessing the mesmerizing views of sunset at Elephant Beach amidst the crystal-clear water and lush tropical forests. You can either relax or have bare footed walks here while glancing the natural beauty of Andaman.

    3. Snorkeling

    Snorkeling View

    If you are holidaying in Andaman then don’t miss out the enthralling snorkeling session at Elephant Beach. This is the best way to witness the vibrant and dynamic marine life of Havelock Island. The captivating views of beautiful and colorful fish, swimming around the stunning corals will surely make you gather a few unforgettable moments.

    4. Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving

    Enjoy the amazing scuba diving sessions at South Button as this is the best way to witness the vibrant marine life of Havelock Island. You can also take tutorials here before heading for the final dive or get supervised by the experts while snorkeling amidst the beautiful and enormous range of corals here.

    Planning your holiday in Andaman but confused about what to do? These Andaman travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

    Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

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  • Aakash Shares Tips To Plan An Ideal Honeymoon In Andaman Of 6D/5N

    Elephant Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is surrounded by numerous mesmerizing beaches and forests. Following are the best places to visit near Elephant Beach for travelers holidaying in Andaman:

    1. Radhanagar Beach

    Radhanagar Beach View

    Radhanagar Beach is one place which you must not miss out on if planning to spend hours at Elephant Beach. The mesmerizing beauty of Radhanagar beach is awarded by reputed travel platforms including Time Magazine, and Tripadvisor. This stunning beach attracts visitors with its captivating sights of sunsets. You can also grab some local delicacies here and relax by the beach, away from the hustle of the city life.

    Distance from Elephant Beach: 2.2 km
    Best way to reach: Boat & trek

    2. Kalapathar Beach

    Kalapathar Beach

    One of the smallest beaches of Andaman, Kalapathar beach is named after the peaceful village Kalapathar which is located in Havelock Island. You can glance the life of villagers occupied with their rituals while exploring this beach. The beach is quite stunning and experiences an awesome weather where you can stroll and enjoy the cool breeze amidst the crystal clear water and lushes of surrounding forests.

    Distance from Elephant Beach: 10.8 km
    Best way to reach: Boat

    3. Govind Nagar Beach

    Govind Nagar Beach

    Govind Nagar Beach is another peaceful beach of Havelock island that is gaining popularity these days. This peaceful beach is a delight for travelers looking for a serene and silent escapes away from the hustling city life. Do plan an excursion to this beach if you are interested in spending a few peaceful leisurely hours.

    Distance from Elephant Beach: 7.3 km
    Best way to reach: By road or boat

    4. Mangrove Forest

    View Of Mangrove Forest

    Andaman is quite famous for its Mangrove Forests and one such forest is located in proximity to Elephant Beach. The mangrove forest of Havelock Island are quite famous for their colorful and dynamic flora and fauna and has been attracting travelers. You can go for a forest safari to experience the best of these mangrove forests.

    Distance from Elephant Beach: 1.5 km
    Best way to reach: By road

    Beach View

    • Mobile connectivity is an issue on this island, so prefer the properties, restaurants and clubs having 24×7 wifi facilities.
    • As you would be indulging in water sports activities, don’t forget to carry your basic and regular medications.
    • Prefer visiting the beach in early hours as the entire Elephant Beach shuts down by 4:00 PM.

    Beautiful Place

    Elephant Beach in Havelock Island can be reached through two ways. The easiest and the most preferred means to reach Elephant Beach is by taking a boat from Swaraj Dweep dock. The boat journey will take nearly 20 minutes whereas if you want to trek down to Elephant Beach from Radhanagar Beach then the entire excursion will take nearly 30-40 minutes.

    Elephant Beach is an enthralling experience, one must not miss out on while vacationing in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Plan a trip to Andaman with TravelTriangle and witness the stunning beauty of this magnificent island by adding it to the itinerary customized according to your preferences.

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    5 Haunted Places In Dubai That Will Frighten You From Head To Toe!

    Dubai has created a sensation in the world with its sky high buildings that prove that a man can do anything beyond one’s imagination. It is definitely one of the most visited and fascinated destinations in the world. But, there are few things that are not under a man’s control. We are talking about the paranormal activities and the presence of unearthly things that have not spared even the sensational city of Dubai.

    If such occurrences and stories have always triggered the deepest corners of your mind and you want to dare yourself to visit quite horrifying sights, then these haunted places in Dubai will surely amuse you. Also, if you are looking for an offbeat experience then plan your next visit to Dubai and head straight to these haunted places of Dubai and challenge your guts! Believe it or not, that’s your call, but there are sounds that echo in every corner of these places.

    Of all the 10 most haunted places in Dubai and nearby, we have listed the 5 top places that will terrify your soul. Take a look!

    1. Al Jazirat Al Hamra: The Ghost Town

    al jazirat al hamra

    This ghost town, as it is called by the locals, was once inhabited by three tribes. Later, it became one of the most abandoned places in Dubai and became infamous for ghostly activities. If you go and ask the locals, they have many stories to tell and will advise you not to visit the place especially after dawn. The town is marked by abandoned homes and eerie silence. Still, if you want to go and witness some thrill, visit this town which is located at an hour’s drive from Dubai.

    Location: Ras Al-khaimah

    Dubai Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

    Travel Dubai in Luxury. Visit grand Burj Khalifa or the breathtaking Palm Islands. Enjoy Dhow Cruise, International Buffet Dinner, Dubai City Tour, Desert Safari, Ferrari World and Abu Dhabi City Tour. Book your Dubai holiday package on TravelTriangle.

    2. Al Qasimi Palace: The Haunted Palace

    Al Qasimi Palace

    Remember any movie you watched about an abandoned palace having strange stories associated to it or its members? Even if you don’t, this palace stands on the same grounds. The palace was built expensively and was once an important part of Dubai’s royalty. But, now it remains as a haunted ruin. The locals say that on some nights they can hear or even see children peeping out of the windows of this otherwise silent building. It is one of the top haunted places in Dubai.

    Location: Al Dhaith, a half-hour drive from Dubai

    3. The Tunnel In Pan Emirates: Tunnel Of The Dark

    Pan Emirates and the tunnel

    Tunnels have always been a matter of fear and insecurity as the moment you enter them, there is darkness and possibility of unknown happenings. But the fear doubles up when there are ghost stories associated with them. This tunnel in Dubai is famous for spooky stories. Some people say that they have sensed appearances while passing through the tunnel. Will you dare to pass through it?

    Location: Pan Emirates

    4. Al Khail Gate: The Scary Apartment

    Al khail Gate community

    Being one of the ,strong>real haunted places in Dubai, this apartment is infamous for paranormal activities that occurred in some rooms of the building. Some members who lived there reported that their belongings disappeared in a strange manner and found at other places later on. The owners of the building have put it down for maintenance, but the fact cannot be denied that three suicides had taken place in the building. You will get to know about the building easily from the locals on your Dubai trip.

    Location: Dubai

    5. Jumeirah: House Of The Devil


    We all have heard stories about people leaving houses due to unreasonable events they face while living which force them to disown what is theirs! The haunted house in Jumeirah, Dubai is unfortunately one such house. The seven-bedroom building number 4 of Jumeirah was inhabited by some Filipinos back in 2011. They claimed to see ghosts and witness paranormal activities in the house for more than a dozen times! And the locals still believe that the house has some negative energy around it which will possess you if you visit the place.

    Location: Jumeirah

    We have warned you but still if you want to challenge yourself and witness something that’s next level horror, then plan a trip to Dubai with TravelTriangle and head straight to these places.

    Looking To Book An International Holiday?

    Book memorable holidays on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

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    7 Alluring Museums In Oregon That You Should Not Miss If You’re A History Buff

    A museum is the pride of its city, displaying all the alluring arts to the rich culture in the form of a sculpture or a painting or anything, it serves multiple purposes. Whether the museum is a science museum or has historic artifacts stored in it. They act as a great learning tool as they possess a lot of knowledge for the visitors to grasp. One can learn about the three phases of time that is the past, present, and future through these museums. Calling out all the art lovers to unite and make a list of all the museums in Oregon to explore.

    The best time to visit Oregon is from the months of June to August when the roses of the city are in full bloom, people are able to make out that summer has finally arrived. The consistently warm atmosphere adds on to the beauty of the place, make sure to mark your calendars before you leave for Oregon. Scroll through and read about the 10 museums in Oregon to explore.

    The museums in Oregon are a bit different from all the other museums known as it is not just a place to learn but is a place which offers fun, gives you a chance to show who you truly are and enjoy every bit of your soul.

    1. Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry

    Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry

    Located on the Willamette River in downtown Portland, Oregon museum for science and industry is said to be one of the best museums in the state. The museum has a special capability to attract people from different age groups with its amazing LEGO-themed exhibits like ‘The Art Of The Brick’ and long-running planetarium shows and the unique submarine.

    Visiting hours: 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM Tuesday to Sunday.

    Looking To Book An International Holiday?

    Book memorable holidays on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

    2. High Desert Museum

    High Desert Museum

    It is a unique museum in the heart of Oregon which mixes all three unique specialties of Art, history, and culture in this museum. The museum shares things like LGBT stories from the west to the Natural history pub talks, attracts a large number of tourists due to its unique idea and respect for LGBT. The museum is regarded as a gem to Oregon and is appreciated by a lot of tourists.
    Visiting hours: From April 1st to November 31st 9 AM to 5 PM
    From November 1 to March 1 10 AM to 4 PM

    3. Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

    Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

    Located in the most alluring Columbia River Gorge near The Dalles, this museum will make you trip through time and experience the ineffable beauty of the ice aged floods that once covered the gorge to the unique tribe that resides to that place, showing their culture and history, the way they lived and survived, the food that they prepared and ate. The museum also tells its visitors about the white settlers who came later. The museum is must explore for people who want to cover a diverse area of art.

    Visiting hours: 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Sunday

    4. Columbia River Maritime Museum

    Columbia River Maritime Museum in 2012

    Situated on the riverfront near the edge of Columbia River in Astoria, this is one of the most amazing museums in Oregon, it is not only blessed with scenic beauty inside of the museum but the outside will sway you with its alluring beauty as well. The Columbia River Maritime Museum was set up in 1962 when they saw that the epic maritime culture of the region started vanishing so in order to preserve it and display its richness to the upcoming generations, this museum was built. The museum will give you an experience worth having and immense pleasure with its science displays inside with a ship theme outside.

    Visiting hours: 9.30 AM to 5 PM Monday to Sunday.

    Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

    Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

    5. Tamastslikt Cultural Institute

    Tamastslikt Cultural Institute

    The Museum was set up in the year 1998 near the Wildhorse Resort and Casino in the north-eastern part of Oregon. The museum displays thousands of years of the rich history, the epic culture and the spellbinding art into the museum that helps in celebrating the beliefs and the culture of the different tribes like Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla. Showing the way they used to live, the food that they consumed and their spiritual beliefs. If you love exploring the occasions and festivals or the learnings about the beliefs of a different tribe, you will love this museum.

    Visiting hours: 10 AM to 5 PM Monday to Saturday.

    6. Baker Heritage Museum

    Baker Heritage Museum

    You might be able to come across many museums in the city but the story that you would learn and acquire of the Baker Heritage Museum situated in Baker city which tells us the attention-seeking tales and is sprawling over a large area to give the visual representation of the lines wrote down. The museum contains artifacts from the town’s original gold miners, the Chinese immigrant. The museum has the best collection of rocks and fossils. If you are a nature lover and love exploring the architectural side of a place, there is nothing better than this museum in Oregon for you.

    Visiting hours: From 17 March to October 27 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Sunday

    7. Portland Children’s Museum

    Portland Children's Museum

    This is the best museum to explore if you want to see your kids enjoying every bit of their time in that museum. The museum crafts fun, educational as well as interactive skills in our little ones so that they come to an understanding about things from that year of their age. So make sure that you take your kids to this amazing museum in Oregon.

    Visiting hours: 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Sunday.

    The richness and the epic history should not be just locked into a room but it should be explored by the people to gain knowledge, witness the rich art and experience the rich culture. Now when you know about all the museums in Oregon, chalk down the places and shortlist accordingly. Slip into the beauty of nature and plan a trip to the USA with TravelTriangle to get away from the chaos of planning a trip. Enjoy the getaway to its fullest and create memories worth cherishing till the end.

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    Europe In September 2019: Things To Do, Events To Attend And More

    Europe is one of the most interesting places to visit in the world, from the luxurious buildings of Paris to historic sites of Barcelona. Europe in September is the best time to visit many of the places as the crowd is less and the rates are lower. The wonderful weather attracts many travellers to Europe during this time. The beaches are an ideal time for swimming. Also, to make your experience completely unique, do experience Europe cruises in September 2019. It will be one of the most loved things you will do on your holiday to Europe.

    There are over 50 countries in Europe with diverse geography and climates. To understand the weather in Europe in September better, we have broken down into regions as Northern, Eastern, Western and Mediterranean.

    Northern Europe Weather In September: During the starting of the month, the temperature starts dropping, though not remarkably. The average high temperature is 16°C, and it can get as low as 7°C. There isn’t as much rain expected in this month.

    Eastern Europe Weather in September: It is one of the best times of the year to be in Eastern Europe, as the summer crowds gradually decrease and the weather is favourable with plenty of sunshine. The average maximum temperature is 22°C with lows dropping to around 12°C late at night. The rain during this time usually does not disrupt outdoor activities.

    Western Europe Weather In September: The temperature starts dipping and rainfall slightly increases. This month is ideal to travel in many areas with plenty of sunny days in between occasional wet days. The average maximum temperature is 19°C while lows can get as cool as 11°C.

    Mediterranean Europe Weather in September: September is one of the best time to visit Mediterranean with the average high temperature being 29°C. It is an ideal month for swimming.

    Wondering what to do in Europe in September 2019? From visiting beaches to churches, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Europe in September.

    1. Visit The Popular Park Guell In Barcelona

    Visit The Popular Park Guell In Barcelona

    Located alongside Sagrada Familia, Guell Park in Barcelona is an important site one should visit in Europe in September 2019 considering the favourable weather during this time. The whole park is a masterpiece offering the visitor the mesmerizing views of the city of Barcelona. The famous attraction of the park includes the Gaudi dragon fountain which can be found at the entrance of the park, terraced area at the top of the park where you can see a wonderful view of the park.

    Europe Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

    Explore the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, from Paris to the Venice canals and from the Greek islands to the Swiss alps. Book customized packages by expert agents on TravelTriangle. Inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing and meals. Best holiday experience Guaranteed. Book Now

    2. Exotic Beaches In Barcelona

    Exotic Beaches In Barcelona

    The beaches of Barcelona are the top attractions during the month of September. During this time, the water temperature remains around 21 degree celsius to 25 degree celsius, thus making it comfortable to swim. Bogatell is one of the best beaches in Barcelona. Names of some other popular beaches include Mar Bella Beach, Cala de Sant Francesc, Ocata Beach, Nova Icaria Beach. Before visiting this popular attraction, it is advisable to figure out the timings for visiting them.

    3. Exploring The Historic Sites In Barcelona

    Exploring The Historic Sites In Barcelona

    The historical places in Barcelona attract visitors from all across the world because of the remarkable history it has to offer. The sites also allow tourist to book tickets in advance in order to avoid the rush. Some famous sites include Passeig de Gracia, Casa Batllo, Sagrada Familia and Santa Maria del Pi.

    4. Historical Monuments In Paris

    Historical Monuments In Paris

    One can make the most of their trip to Europe in September by visiting the famous monuments in Paris. It is a charming city which attracts millions of tourists each year. Not just the iconic Eiffel Tower but the other monuments such as Place Dauphine, Arc De Triomphe, Sacre Coeur make this place worth-visiting.

    5 Main European Festivals In September

    Here are the top festivals in Europe in September which are worth exploring on your trip to Europe in September 2019.

    1. Oktoberfest


    Oktoberfest is one of the top Europe festivals of beer. It is mainly held in Munich, Germany and the festival is a 16-day folk celebration of Bavarian culture. You can enjoy live concerts, amusement park rides, dancing, traditional foods and of course, beer. The most important highlight of the festival is beer barrel tapping wherein the first barrel of the beer is opened and parade in traditional costumes is held by riflemen.

    Oktoberfest 2019 dates: September 22

    2. Outlook Festival

    Outlook Festival

    Outlook is Europe’s number one bass music festival. This festival is held in illuminating walls of Pula’s Fort Punta Christo. You can expect a lot of fun with beach parties, boat parties and features stars of underground dance, hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass, grime and garage across ten stages. Also, Outlook festival has announced that this year will be the last year to move day and night to everything bass.

    Outlook Festival 2019 dates: September 4 – September 8

    3. Regata Storica

    Regata Storica

    This yearly event is held on the first weekend in September to commemorate the 1489 Act of Caterina Cornaro. It is the time when the wife of the King of Cyprus, renounced her throne in favour of Venice. If you are more of a movie fan, don’t miss out to check the Venice Film festival. It also attracts large crowds each September to Venice.

    Regata Storica 2019 dates: September 1

    4. San Sebastian Film Festival

    San Sebastian Film Festival

    The San Sebastian Film Festival is an annual A category film festival held in the Spanish city of Donostia-San Sebastián in September. Around 150 films are selected for the festival and are screened in cinemas throughout the city in the presence of director or actors. Golden Shell and Silver Shell are the most important award of the film festival.

    San Sebastian Film Festival 2019 dates: September 20 – September 28

    5. Galway Oyster And Seafood Festival

    Galway Oyster And Seafood Festival

    Galway City celebrates the Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival every year on the last weekend of September. It is undoubtedly one of the best festivals to attend on your Europe trip in September. You can enjoy lots of fantastic events throughout the festival – for all to enjoy; seafood trails, foodie talks, tasting even, ta Mardi Gras style Gala Event along with family activities, cooking demonstrations, live music and more.

    Oyster And Seafood Festival 2019 dates: September 27 – September 29

    How To Reach Europe

    For those wondering how to go to Europe, read below the details to know how to reach Europe by air, by train and by road.

    By Air: There are direct flights between Europe and major Indian cities. In order to reach Europe, you can board flights from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and Chennai International Airport. As travelling to Europe by air is an expensive affair, it is also good to know how to reach by train and road.

    By Train: It is good to reach Europe by air first and then travel the rest of Europe by train. InterCityExpress, Eurostar, TGV and Thalys are a few international trains in Europe. Major cities across Europe provides the facility of their own rapid transit system, referred to as a metro in order to make travel by train a convenient option for the travellers.

    By Road: After reaching the desired destination in Europe, you can opt for different modes of transportation to travel within the European nations. You can as well plan long-distance trip within the country.

    Excited already? Book your trip to Europe. A trip to this beautiful continent will give you awesome memories with your loved ones. Cover as many beaches as you can, visit the historic sites and participate in the most vibrant festivals in Europe in September. Do not forget to share the list of some of the awesome things and events to attend in September.

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    7 Incredible Korean Museums You Must Visit To Get A Glimpse Of The Country’s Past

    South Korea is one Asian destination that welcomes tourists to embrace their culture, language, food, art, entertainment with open arms. What better way to familiarize with Korean culture than visiting museums, rights?. From ancient to contemporary traditions, with folk gadgets to futuristic technologies, South Korea has a lot of categories to experience and captivate. The country is known for being home to many interesting and amazing museums that exhibit the journey of South Korea right from its past. Explore our suggestions of 7 best Korean museums that are set to lesson and fascinate you very well.

    All the Korean museums celebrate the evolution of different genres with pride showcasing everything keeping the materiality, actuality, and factuality in mind. Check out 7 of them:

    1. Museum Kimchikan

    Museum Kimchikan, Seoul

    Kimchi is the national pickle of South Korea and its not just limited to Korean households, the entire world loves Kimchi. The fermented Cabbages have come a long way since its origin. To witness the amazing history of Kimchi, South Korean authorities have dedicated an entire museum in honor of the famous Korean food item. Museum Kimchikan is UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Tradition site and has been operating since 1986. Inside the museum get yourself acquainted to the 1500-year-old Kimchi history, varieties, the fermentation process, and most importantly the traditional importance in the Korean culture and cuisine. The museum also hosts an elaborate demonstration of how the entire kimchi-making process undergo. If you wish to make your own kimchi, you are most welcomed here. The tourists can sample four different varieties of Kimchi and take the samples home. All this stands as the main reason to why Museum Kimchikan is known as the world-best food museum.

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    2. National Folk Museum Of Korea

    National Folk Museum of Korea

    Located inside the beautiful premises of Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk Museum of Korea is a sublime museum that exhibits the traditional life of Korean people through illustrated objects. Home to nearly 98,000 artifacts, this museum educates visitors about the day-to-day objects used by Korean people as part of their life. The displays speak about the agricultural and domestic lifestyles of the people of Korea sharing traditional beliefs, customs, and practices with regard to the particular object. When you visit the National Folk Museum of Korea, you learn a lot about the history of Korean people and the Korean way of living. The founding organization of the National Folk Museum of Korea is the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The main facilities of the museum include children’s museum, exhibition halls, folk video room, and a traditional culture learning space.

    3. War Memorial Of Korea

    War Memorial of Korea

    War Memorial of Korea is a landmark that holds the highest regards to the people of South Korea. Located in the capital city of Seoul, this museum memorializes the military history of Korea and was inaugurated in the year 1994. The reason behind the establishment of the memorial was to prevent war by reading the past incidence of the Korean War in hope for the reunification of both North and South Korea. The memorial commemorates all war heroes who sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the country. War Memorial of Korea collects, preserves, and exhibits multiple relics from the historical chapters of the war from the South Korean perspective. There are both indoor and outdoor displays that a tourist can see when inside the premise. Indoor displays automobile used by Kim Il Sung, few models of the observation aircraft, lighter aircraft and trainer aircraft. Whereas the outdoor displays bigger aircrafts used during the war.

    4. Leeum Samsung Museum Of Art

    Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art

    Leeum Samsung Museum of Art is a wonderful museum that houses traditional Korean arts as well as arts in contemporary forms. Both the art genres are exhibited in two different sections of the museum named as Museum 1 and Museum 2. Swiss architect Mario Botta and French architect Mario Nouvel are the masterminds behind Museum 1 and Museum 2. Museum 1 which hold traditional art has 36 pieces of prominent holdings tagged as the national treasure. The collection varies from folk paintings, landscapes, porcelain collections and much more. Museum 2 which houses contemporary art has both Korean and international artists contributing to the museum space. The core theme of this particular section is to bring forth the constant growth, challenges, evolution of art in the society.

    Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

    Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

    5. Seoul Museum Of History

    Seoul Museum of History

    This is a history museum made to educate and showcase people about the history of Seoul, its evolution from the prehistoric period to the present time. There are many relics and artifacts from the Joseon Dynasty, and also a recreated landscape of Seoul from the Joseon Dynasty. Seoul Museum of History has an online cyber section where the history of the day to day life of Seoulities are presented. Also within the museums are shops where local cultural products are sold.

    6. National Palace Museum Of Korea

    National Palace Museum of Korea

    As the name suggests, this is the national museum of South Korea which was established in the year 1908. The museum is located inside the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. This extraordinary building is the home to over 40000 royal treasure and artifacts representing the Joseon Dynasty and the Korean Empire. The museum talks about the music, culture, education, clothing, the architecture of the ruling era. Few of the permanent exhibits are Royal Palanquinn, court paintings, court music, a water clock and much more. One can get an audio guide from the information desk to have a brief knowledge about the museum and the artifacts that you see. Also when you visit this museum be ready to be amazed by the exhibits of the royal processions and also by the wonderful change of guards ceremony.

    7. Korea National Maritime Museum

    Korea National Maritime Museum

    Located in Busan is the largest port city in South Korea, this museum focuses on demonstrating the significance of all elements of marine and ocean life. Be it history of maritime industry or the exhibits of the sea animals, Korea national maritime museum has it all for you. It is also the third largest museum in the country and has over 12,000 maritime relics to watch. Few of the collection of Hamgyeong-do coastal map, the secret of the sea, ship of Joseon Envoy and many others. There is also a library and a 4D theatre offering books and footages for the visitors.

    If you are content by reading about the Korean museums, then it is time for you to go ahead with your Korean holiday by exploring very options for planning the perfect South Korean holiday with TravelTriangle.

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    Switzerland In June: For A Blissful Trip Experience Amid The Serene Swiss Alps In 2019

    Switzerland is a land of many of our dreams. But the question is when to visit it? Now, this is where it gets a little tricky. The whole year round, Switzerland presents its visitors with a different scenario, a different atmosphere, which are again differently suitable for different kinds of activities. So, the kind of vacation you are looking for, and the kind of activities you intend to indulge in, will decide the time that is best for you to visit the country. However, we suggest that visiting Switzerland in June will be the perfect time for you to visit the land of extreme hospitality and punctuality, irrespective of the kind of vacation you are looking for or the kind of activities you are looking for. And we have our points to back up our statement. Just read them to find them out for yourself.

    Amazing pleasant weather

    The average temperature on an average June day in Switzerland comes to about 160C, which on later days, could go up to 230C. The highest it goes up to 210C, while the lowest comes down to 110C. The maximum time between sunrise and sundown could go up to as much as 12 hours. It is the perfect time to visit, as in June, snowfall just starts to reduce so that you get a chance to enjoy the Swiss wonderland before summer seeps in. There is moderate rainfall during this month, that ranges between 137-173 mm.


    Here is why we insist that June is the best month to visit Switzerland irrespective of what is in your mind. Firstly, June is the bordering month of the Swiss shoulder season. Shoulder seasons are those during which the weather is the best, and there aren’t a huge number of tourists. Means, you have the place to yourself. June is the best you can get close to the warmest without having to face a huge number of tourists. Moreover, there are about 50% rises in the prices. Hence June! However, for those of you who are diehard fans of snow sports like skiing, winter is the best time for you, i.e. between December and March. There will be intense snowstorms and a large quantity of snow.

    Europe Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

    Explore the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, from Paris to the Venice canals and from the Greek islands to the Swiss alps. Book customized packages by expert agents on TravelTriangle. Inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing and meals. Best holiday experience Guaranteed. Book Now

    If you have decided on visiting Switzerland in June 2019, here are a few activities you could indulge in. with winters just out, this is the best time for you to go hiking and trekking. It is the best time to visit places and explore, as at this time you practically have Switzerland to yourself, with all other tourists gone, and prices dropping crazy. Here are a few activities we found, you could indulge in.

    1. Hikes


    With the snow out for the time, this is the time for you to go on hikes and trekking expeditions. Without the snow, you could go on trails as high as 2000 meters from the sea level. Form those heights, you will be presented with excellent views of the higher, inaccessible for the time being, ice-capped peaks. This is surely one of the best things to do in Switzerland in June with your squad, especially if you are in pursuit of a real adventure!

    2. Lakes

    Lake view

    In Switzerland, you will find a number of scenic lakes to visit and spend time around. You could also arrange a tiny picnic with your loved ones to one of those lakes. Although, we have a few names that exceptionally stand out. Be it the scenery against which they are located, or be it their geographical location or even the lake themselves. You should not miss out on Lake Maggiore, neither should you not visit lake Lugano, which is on the Italian-Swiss border. Be sure, however, to carry your passport while visiting Lake Lugano.

    3. Cable Cars Cogwheel Trains

    view of Cable Cars Cogwheel Trains

    Riding the Swiss cable trains is every traveler’s dream. And that could come true for you in June. During the low seasons, the cable cars and cogwheel rides are closed down, mostly because of the snow situation. But in June, they start operating once again, multiplying your chances of looking down at the scenic views of Switzerland, from high up in the sky.

    Cogwheel train rides are another excitement you might not want to miss out on. However, not all might prefer to go on one such rode, especially the one up the Alpine mountains that is super steep, dizzying to most.

    4. Pass Roads

    Pass Roads

    Once spring arrives, chances for you to explore Switzerland multiply. The scenic pass roads open up. So, you can access the places on the other sides of the pass roads unhindered. One such place to visit is Lucerne. An input to this place is possible through the Swill Travel Pass. However, if you don’t have one, issuing the Golden Pass will do the job. It is best to take these scenic passes on one of the luxurious, rich in heritage, Swiss trains.

    5. Swimming And Sunbathing

    Swimming And Sunbathing place

    Spring and summer naturally call for outdoor activities. The places come to life, and the weather turns pleasant. And at this wonderful juncture, Zurich provides you with the best opportunities to bask in the sun. Go by the Lake Zurich, or up to the banks of Zurich’s rivers, and you are open to swimming in them or just laying down to sunbathe. Moreover, there are over 40 swimming pools in the whole of Zurich. By swimming pools, we mean all water bodies we mean artificial outdoor pools, rivers, and lakes.

    While there are a lot more activities for you to do in Switzerland in June, we have only provided the highlights to you. In fact, there is a never-ending list of things to do here. Even a lifetime could fall short, depending on your speed. So, be sure to explore more.

    For now, we have centered our search to Zurich, which is known to be the hospitality hub of the whole of Europe. Being like the center of Switzerland, Zurich gives you a good base option. Moreover, Zurich in itself can present itself as a perfect place to explore Swiss history and architecture. Here are a few places you can stay in Zurich.

    1. Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel

     Zurich Tower Hotel

    A superb 5-star hotel, with excellent soundproof rooms, and the whole 5-star experience. Each room in the hotel comes with a unique view of the city. Pretty close to the Swiss National Museum, and the Zurich Opera House, it provides you with the perfect evening activities.

    Location: Turbinenstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland

    2. Hotel Storchen

    Hotel view

    Storchen is a 4-star hotel, situated in Limmatquai. This place runs along the river and gives you excellent views of the west side. Along with their in-house bar offering exquisite live piano music, the guests surely enjoy digging into the Swiss breakfast from their buffet menu. You can surely enjoy most of the cultural attractions as they’re all close by within a walking distance from the hotel.

    Location: Weinplatz ,Zurich Old Town City Center, Zurich, Switzerland

    important things to carry

    Here is a short list of items you could put in your bags while you prepare for Switzerland and have an amazing holiday experience amid the land of alps.

    • Water resistant shoes, or boots
    • Wet weather gear like Goretex jacket.
    • Over pants for the rain
    • Shorts, long sleeve shirts, and hats for the hikes and treks
    • Pants with zip off legs, preferably to adapt to the weather
    • Fleece clothing
    • Umbrella

    So, this is our suggestion for you about visiting Switzerland in June. You must be content with our arguments and hence cannot wait to make the plans. Well, plan well, and plan to move around, as moving around will give you a larger experience. Happy holidays.

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    Visit These 6 Museums In Jamaica To Relish The Vibrant Culture Of This Caribbean Island

    Jamaica is a Caribbean island that is dotted with reef-fringed beaches, and a lush topography of rainforests and several scuba diving spots. Apart from being the vibrant party destination that also happens to be the birthplace of reggae music, this island has a rich past and a diverse culture that blends in with the ethnicities that have landed on the shores of Jamaica. The museums in Jamaica set a perfect example of how the island has been a survivor of decades of oppression and enslavement with interesting stories to tell from the past. Jamaican culture is dynamic where you can immerse yourself into different spectrums of life like music, art, history, entertainment and dance to truly understand the meaning of One Love. Amongst a few famous and renowned museums in Jamaica is the Bob Marley Museum that is dedicated to the famous singer and the Institute of Jamaica. These are the experiences that will weave the stories while you’re holidaying in Jamaica transforming into an unforgettable vacation. Read on to know more about these museums in Jamaica that you must include in your itinerary for a mind-boggling trip.

    1. Bob Marley Museum

    bob marley museum in jamaica

    Based on the life of the famous One Love musician, Bob Marley, this museum revolves around the legendary singer who lived here and recorded here from 1975 until his death in 1981. It was converted into a museum six years later by his wife, Rita Marley. The museum is a portrayal of Bob Marley’s life and his personal treasures. The property features a well-equipped 80-seat theatre, a photographic gallery, a record shop and a gift shop filled with memories of Bob Marley that is bound to create nostalgia and evoke love for the fans of this legendary singer who was dearly loved. You can also satisfy your hunger pangs by indulging in delectable food at the One Love Cafe after your exciting tour of the museum which offers a peek into every aspect of Bob Marley’s life.

    Location: 6, 56 Hope Rd, Kingston, Jamaica
    Timings: 9:30 am – 4 pm

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    2. Devon House

    devon house in jamaica

    Not exactly a museum, but this historic landmark of Jamaica is an architectural marvel of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel. The Devon House mansion has a blend of Caribbean and Georgian architecture, furnished with antique pieces of Jamaican, English and French influences. This important historical landmark was built in 1881 and has a rich past attached to it. You can stroll around the galleries and enjoy a guided tour of the house and learn the history of Jamaica at that time. The house has overlooks an expansive garden and boasts restaurants, cafes and shops where you can spend your leisurely hours at.

    Location: Devon House, Taikoo Place, King’s, 979 King’s Rd, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

    3. Fort Charles Maritime Museum

    fort charles maritime museum

    Built in the 1650s, Fort Charles is a British fortification that has an astonishing museum that traces back Jamaica’s relationship with the sea from the time of indigenous Tainos to the development of Jamaican maritime history. It is without a doubt the most captivating historical site dating back to the 17th century, it contains miscellany of objects ranging from glassware and pottery to weaponry that were retrieved from the sunken city. Fort Charles was one of the town fort’s to survive the 1692 earthquake.

    Location: Fort Charles Maritime Museum, 1 Queen St, Port Royal, Jamaica
    Timings: 9 am – 5 pm

    Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

    Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

    4. The Institute of Jamaica

    institute of jamaica

    The institute of Jamaica is the country’s most significant cultural, artistic and scientific centre that focuses on various exhibitions and houses the National History Museum. The National History Museum is accessed by a separate entrance around the corner on Tower St. The National Museum Jamaica is the collection, preservation and documentation of Jamaica’s culture that aims on reflecting upon Jamaica’s history and contemporary life. It has over the years become the most important cultural, artistic and scientific landmark in Jamaica that features flora and fauna indigenous to the island.

    Location: The Institute of Jamaica, 10 East St, Kingston, Jamaica
    Timings: 9 am – 5 pm

    5. Money Museum

    money museum in jamaica


    Jamaica’s Money Museum is one of a kind that displays and portrays a story of money and how it has developed in Jamaica. Visitors will find beautiful pieces of artifacts that helped shape the historical background of Jamaica and get to learn about how coins are made. Learn about the island’s history through its money starting from Taino trading, credit cards, pounds, shillings and dollars. The museum has organized a compelling guided tour that the visitors can enjoy and learn about the enriching history of Jamaica.
    Location: Money Museum, Nethersole Place, Kingston, Jamaica

    6. Jamaica Military Museum

    military museum in jamaica

    This museum portrays a brief history of the military of the island and goes back as far as the island’s inhabitants – the Tainos. The museum focuses on an interesting study on the types of defense strategies and tools that were used by various groups through the entirety. The items displayed in the museum comprise of uniforms, medals, silverware, weaponry, military vehicles, and various equipment that reflect on the British colonial past.

    Location: Jamaica Military Museum, Kingston, Jamaica

    Jamaica is a powerhouse that is characterized by a lush topography, this Caribbean island houses one of the most stunning beaches, sandbars, nightclubs, a vibrant culture that is totally driven by music. Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae music that is stemming from a history of inhabitants who suffered and resisted the harsh conditions of forced labour. Black slaves became the dominant culture of the Caribbean island and after the abolition of slavery, Chinese and Indian migrants were transported to the island as indentured workers. Jamaica’s rich history, past and culture can be shown in these astonishing museums in Jamaica that are a brilliant showcase of different tribes, dialects and culture of Jamaica. Plan a visit to Jamaica soon and make sure you add these museums to your itinerary list to go on a trip down memory lane.

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    6 Astonishing Places To Visit In Malaysia With Friends On A Trip In 2019

    Malaysia is an incredible destination loved for its beaches, rainforest, waterfalls, flora and fauna. It has some of the best places to visit and some of the most amazing things to do in the world. It is also well-known for its authentic food. Malaysia has a population of 28 million and it has people from various cultures and tradition which makes this country culturally rich. The major tourist attractions here are Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves, Taman Nagera and Kinabalu Park. A vacation with your friends is the best way to utilise and enjoy your holidays.
    There is no dearth of places to visit in Malaysia with friends, if you are heading towards Malaysia with your friends, you should visit places like Sabah River Safari, Lake Chenderoh and Tenggol Island. To help you out, here’s a list of the places to visit in Malaysia with friends.

    Malaysia is one of the best destinations in the world and is definitely worth visiting once. To know about the best places here, check out the list of the most popular places to visit in Malaysia with friends.


    For those newly-weds who want to experience nature in an unconventional way, this river safari fits the bill. Take on a tantalizing river safari down River Kinabatangan and experience wildlife and nature in its full glory. Of all the Malaysia honeymoon places, you ought to visit this one. Sabah River Safari takes you through some of the really exotic honeymoon places in Malaysia.

    Read More: A Honeymoon In Malaysia Amidst Rain Forests

    Malaysia Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

    Go on a trip to Malaysia. Explore it’s lush green landscapes, tropical rainforests or magnificent underwater world. Book customized packages by expert agents on TravelTriangle. Inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing and meals. Lowest Prices Guaranteed. Book Now


    Thinking about going for fishing this weekend- Lake Chenderoh is a natural lake in Perak, Malaysia and is the perfect spot for spending your weekend fishing with your family. Being one of the main weekend getaway spot in the list of lakes in Malaysia, it has a lot of local restaurants that will serve you delicious local food.

    Read More: Lakes In Malaysia That Will Bring You Closer To Nature


    Another splendid peninsular Malaysia dive site, Tenggol island is recommended mainly for experienced divers as the currents are quite strong. With some fantastic resorts and untouched corals to explore, this beautiful island just a 45-minute speedboat ride away is considered amongst the best places for scuba diving in Malaysia. Get ready to explore vibrant marine life at more than 20 spectacular dive spots with unforgettable underwater landscapes.

    Read More: 10 Best Places For Diving In Malaysia

    Picturesque and one of the best honeymoon places in Malaysia for some wild adventure

    Taman Negara is a diverse national park situated on the Malay peninsula or eastern Malaysia, it boasts eminent flora and fauna. It is also home to a wide variety of tigers, macaques and birds. It is considered as one of the oldest rainforests in the world with an estimated age of 130 million years. It gives you an insight into the tropical life and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. This is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia with friends.

    Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia

    Langkawi Sky Bridge is a long and stunning bridge located in the Langkawi district in Malaysia. It is a major attraction in Pulau Langkawi, the main island of the Langkawi archipelago. The bridge has been installed at the peak of Gunung Mat Cincang and is 660 metres above sea level. It has a striking structure and is 125-meters long. Enjoy a thrilling time with your friends by taking a walk on this curved pedestrian bridge. The cable-stayed design and the view offered from its height are the two major highlights of Langkawi Sky Bridge.

    Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia

    Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia. Situated at the West Coast Division of Sabah, Kinabalu is a famous place in the region. It is also the highest peak in the Crocker Range of Borneo. It has been recognized as a World Heritage Site, and is protected as Kinabalu Park. Explore this natural mountain-park with your group of adventure junkies.

    Read More: Best Places To Visit In Kuala Lumpur In 2018

    Fell in love with these places to visit in Malaysia with friends just by looking at their pictures? These places look even better in real life. Sabah River Safari, Lake Chenderoh, Tenggol Island and Taman Negara form the spotlight here but that’s not all, there’s much more to explore in Malaysia. Wondering what’s the best time to visit Malaysia? It is considered as a year-round destination but December to February are the best months to visit this beautiful country. So, what are you waiting for? Call your squad and plan your perfect vacation to Malaysia with TravelTriangle. Don’t forget to get your photos clicked at all the beautiful landscapes.

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