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Visit Greece In March For A Vibrant, And Colourful Spring Vacation

Greece is a heavenly country in southeast Europe which is known for the exquisite cities it accommodates. The month of March marks the end of the winter season in this region. With warmer days on the horizon, the month of March marks the perfect time to visit this splendid country. The month of March offers the best opportunities to know more about the rich cultural history of this country. This Mediterranean country has several cities and places which houses numerous monumental colorful buildings which are a treat to the eyes. This detailed guide will help one plan their trip to Greece in March more efficiently.

Weather In Greece In March

The average temperature of this region starts to rise as the month of March nears. The first sign of the spring season is seen as March approaches. Throughout the day the temperature and weather in Greece in March is quite manageable as it is neither too hot nor very cold. Traveling and visiting places when the weather conditions are not too extreme, is the best and Greece in March temperature is just the same. During the day, the maximum temperature in Greece in March weather is around 12 degrees and during the late evenings and night, it is around 8 degrees.

One may wonder how hot it is in Greece in March? The highest temperature in Greece in March is recorded as 16 degrees. In the southern region of Greece, the temperatures can be much higher than that of the central or northern region of Greece. Weather in Greece in March 2019 is expected to be around 17 degrees during the day and 9 degrees during the late evenings and nights. Weather in Greece during March will involve rainy days as well.

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There are many islands in Greece where one can head to for a relaxing experience of soaking under the spring sun while enjoying a refreshing drink.

1. Crete

orthodox church crete

This is one of the best islands in Greece which experiences the spring season sooner than any other regions there. It is crowded by the visiting tourists during the winter season. It is best explored and enjoyed when it is least crowded and that is during the spring season in March. This exotic island on the south coast is perfect for those who enjoy basking under the sun. The highest temperature recorded in Crete is 20 degrees. The southern part of Greece is generally warmer than the central part of Greece. The southern part of Greece has several other locations which can be seen when visiting Greece in March for an enjoyable experience. These include Preveli Beach, Triopetra Cave and others.

2. Rhodes


Rhodes is another popular island in Greece which offers serene views of the spectacular backdrop and landscapes which can be observed and viewed while being surrounded by a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. This island is never crowded and therefore it is best for couples and honeymooners who want to spend some alone quality time together. This region becomes warmer after the winter season, but it is not as hot as the Crete island. Rain can be expected on this island and it adds an extra charm to the whole place. One can visit the various historic sites, explore the exotic villages or even choose to leisurely relax at the local cafes of this island.

3. Chios


Chios is located off the Anatolian coast and is considered to be the fifth largest island in Greece. It makes for the perfect ecotourism locale for a trip to Greece in the month of March. This island is blessed with mesmerizing landscapes which bloom during the spring season in March. One can enjoy a swim on the beach or if the water is too cold, one can spend a large chunk of their day exploring the island’s rich cultural history. The Chios Mastic Museum can be visited where one can learn about mastic which is a flavored tree resin produced locally.

4. Athens & Mainland Greece


Athens is known worldwide and is the most popular destination in Greece which is visited by every tourist who plans on traveling to this country. Throughout the year, there are always some new interesting things happening here which attracts many travelers and explorers. The mainland region of Greece definitely must be visited as it houses the most popular tourist attractions of the country.

5. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is a beautiful port town in Greece and an amazing place to explore especially during the month of March as the weather is really pleasant. One can still find remains from the past of the Byzantine, Ottoman, and Roman history. The waterfront square is the best place to spend an evening in this city. The chic cafes overlooking the sea are the perfect hangout spots to spend an evening in Greece in March. Do include the city in your Greece tours in March 2019.

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Greece hosts numerous festivals throughout the year for the entertainment of residents, expats, and tourists in Greece. Many of these interesting festivals and events that take place in the month of March, are listed below.

1. 25th March

25th March

On this particular day, two events are celebrated by the people of this country. Between the years 1821 and 1832, the Greeks won the war against the Ottoman Empire, and on this day every year, the people of Greece commemorate their win. Throughout the country, there are several parades organised to mark this major event, with the one in Athens being the best among all. This day is exactly nine months from the Christmas day, and to mark this, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Annunciation.

2. Half Marathon in Athens

Half Marathon In Athens

For all the fitness enthusiasts, this half marathon is a must. It is an excellent event organised by the Hellenic Athletics Federation in Athens city. More than 50,000 runners participate in this event which is conducted annually. The path of the marathon keeps changing every year and one gets to explore the entire city and witness all the major architectural buildings while running through the streets of the famous city of Athens.

3. Nafplio Marathon

Nafplio Marathon

If one is visiting the Peloponnese in March, they should definitely participate in the Nafplio Marathon which is conducted on the 5th of March every year. It has several event and races for participants from every age group. Peloponnese is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece and this marathon gives an opportunity to run through the streets of this town while admiring its beauty. It forms an ideal base to explore the major archaeological sites including Mycenae and Epidaurus.


These following tips will help one plan an efficient trip to explore this vibrant and beautiful country.

  • One should check the ferry schedule well in advance as the ferry to the different islands of the country is not as frequent as in the colder months.
  • Most of the islands have airports, and during the month of March, the Athens Airport of Thessaloniki Airport can be accessed for ease of travel.
  • Car rentals are also available almost everywhere if one prefers to travel to different places by road.
  • Try visiting all the major spots of the country only after confirming if they are open as during summer and spring, there aren’t many tourists visiting Greece due to which some shops and major tourist spots remain closed or the window of operating hours is smaller as compared to the winter season.

what to pack

While planning any trip, some essentials which are required must be packed according to the season of the place which is being visited. One may wonder how to pack for Greece in March & what to wear in Greece in March, so here are a few things which must be packed when a trip to Greece in March is being planned.

  • One should pack their passports and other important documents which might be required while travelling.
  • A portable charger, as it comes very handy for charging your phone or other gadgets when you make impromptu plans during the trip.
  • Keep mesh water shoes, as Greece is full of beaches and water all around.
  • Pack Swimsuits for enjoying a swim in the beach to cool off.
  • Have a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around the different cities in Greece.
  • A scarf is an essential piece of clothing in every trip, opt for a lightweight one so that it can be packed easily inside a backpack when not in use.

Greece in March offers wonderful things to do and places to visit with abundant opportunities to enjoy. Book a trip by contacting travel experts at Travel Triangle, know about Greece tours in March 2019 and get exciting deals and discounts. Make sure to gather your friends for a fun filled trip. Know of more exciting things to do in Greece in March, then share with us in the comments below.

Q. Is March a good time to visit Greece?

A. Yes, March is a good time to visit Greece.

Q. How warm is Greece in March?

A. The avaerage temperature in Greece in March is 12°C.

Q. What is the best time to visit Santorini in Greece?

A. The best time to visit Santorini is in between late April to November.

Q. How much does it cost to travel to Greece?

A. Flight tickets to Greece start from around INR 22,000.

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