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The Rock Garden In Chandigarh: Know Why It’s Punjab’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction

Located close to Sukhna Lake, the captivating Rock Garden in Chandigarh is an enormous innovative park space spread out like a maze that is unlike any you have ever seen! Offering something unique to visitors at every turn and made out of recycled waste transformed into eye-catching structures, this garden will change the way you define “Art”! From quirky waterfalls, labyrinthine formations, huge swings, hilarious mirrors, to sculptures made out of scrap and waste material like glass bottles bangles, tiles, ceramic pots, sinks, and wires, you will find something to keep you hooked to this place whichever direction you turn your head to. And if you haven’t ever visited this gem of a place in Chandigarh, this small guide will surely compel you to!

Best Time To Visit Chandigarh

The best time to plan a trip to Chandigarh lies between the months of October to March. The weather during this time is great and favorable for sightseeing in Chandigarh. While the temperature remains at a moderate 20-30 degree Celcius, it drops rapidly at night owing to the replete greenery in this city. In January, the minimum temperature drops to a whopping 2 degrees Celcius at times.

While the heat is scorching in the summer months in nearby cities, Chandigarh enjoys a rather warm and somewhat pleasant summer season owing to the lush greenery, the presence of a lake, and the city’s close proximity to the hills. The monsoon showers bring in some relief in July, considerably bringing down the temperature. If one wishes to visit Chandigarh when it’s not crowded, they should plan their trip in August or September.

Tail View Plane Landing Clouds Sky Passenger Jet

Chandigarh is easily accessible and well connected to other cities in India by various means of transport.

By Air – Chandigarh manages a daily Indian Airlines and Jet Airways flight traffic to and fro Delhi and a bi-weekly one to and fro Amritsar. There is also a weekly flight to and fro Leh from this city. By air, it takes hardly 50 minutes to get to Chandigarh from Delhi. The airport is located just 11 km away from the main city, and upon checking out, one can easily hail a cab or auto-rickshaw to anywhere they wish to go in the city.

By Rail – Located just 7 km away from the city center, the Chandigarh Railway Station is well connected to the major cities of India like Delhi, Jaipur, Bikaner, and Jodhpur.

By Road – With a well-maintained and smooth road network, Chandigarh is connected to almost all small and big towns in northern India. You will surely enjoy a road trip to Chandigarh via the pretty fields of Punjab! If you’re looking for a more economical means of road transport to Chandigarh, you can board any of the frequent AC buses plying to Chandigarh from Delhi, Haryana, Himachal, Jammu, Rajasthan, and other cities of Punjab.

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How To Reach Rock Garden In Chandigarh

Sprawled over an area of over 40 acres, the Rock Garden is a renowned sculpture garden and among the most visited tourist attractions in Chandigarh. Located in Sector 1 lying in North Chandigarh near Sukhna Lake, this place is pretty easy to get to from anywhere in the city via a bus or car/cab.

The Rock Garden stays open on all days of the week. One must, however, take note that the
Rock Garden Chandigarh timings differ in the summer and winter season.

Opening hours in Summer: 9 AM – 7:30 PM (1st April – 30th September)
Opening hours in Winter: 9 AM – 6 PM (1st October – 31st March)

The Rock Garden Chandigarh ticket is nominally priced so that everyone can visit this fascinating place without any restrictions. The entry ticket only includes the price for admission into the garden premises, and one has to pay extra if they wish to purchase food and beverages inside.

For adults: INR 20/- per person
For children: INR 10/- per person

History Of Rock Garden Chandigarh

The Rock Garden was a secret project of the self-taught artist Nek Chand who had established it on an infertile piece of land near Sukhna Lake. He had the hobby of collecting waste material from all around the city and nearby villages and using it to create figurines and bizarre structures, though where he was putting these up was unknown at that time. Despite having a hectic schedule as a dedicated Public Works Department employee, he used to take out time to finish his masterpiece and worked tirelessly on weekends and nights.

Upon discovering this project, the authorities decided to demolish it since it was illegal, but his creativity and unique art managed to win the hearts of the local people of Chandigarh and it was saved from destruction. Later, the authorities even named Nek Chand the in-charge of the park and gave him 50 laborers to complete it. The park was officially opened for public viewing in 1976 and soon turned into the most popular tourist attraction of Chandigarh.

He used all kinds of scrap and waste material that he could find. He used recyclable items like broken glass, mirrors, bangles, tiles, ceramic pots, broken crockery, photos frames, mudguards, forks, handlebars, metal wires, play marbles, porcelain, auto parts, sinks, pipes, rocks, and much more. Today, in addition to these figurines, the park also has a few waterfalls, creative walls, narrow doorways, swings, tall trees, a huge aquarium, and concrete arches that resemble ancient Roman aqueducts. Other than being a remarkable installation of creativity, this garden is also perhaps the biggest example of ecotourism and the importance of recycling.

Wondering what all there is to explore inside this vast ocean of art and creativity? Don’t worry. There’s loads to see and do. Just gear up for a ride of thrill and excitement as you step into this wonderland!

1. Artwork And Sculptures – Explore

Artwork And Sculptures

Every door you pass through will take you to an even bizarre and gripping installation of art than the previous one. As mentioned earlier, these sculptures and figurines inside the garden have been made out of recyclable industrial, domestic, and rural waste, which makes them all the more fascinating. Don’t hurry! Stop by and admire these beautiful pieces of art that reflect the creativity and skills of Nek Chand, the visionary!

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2. Man-Made Waterfalls – Take Selfies

Man-Made Waterfalls

The set of inter-connected waterfalls inside the garden are unlike any you may have ever seen. And they’ll be easy to locate in the premises since a great many people will be huddled over them to try and capture their beauty in their cameras. Reflecting the refreshing environment of the Green City – Chandigarh, these waterfalls were installed long after the Rock Garden was opened to the public to add an extra dose of beauty to the park. However, one needs to be careful while checking these out, since visitors are not allowed to step inside and pollute these waters in any way.

3. Aquariums – Watch Sharks And Rays

Eel Underwater Aquarium Fish Marine Tropical

Other than the waterfalls, these massive aquariums were also added long after the Rock Garden in Chandigarh had become a popular tourist attraction. Housing bizarre fish like stingrays, parrots, starfish, sharks, and many more, these aquariums act as a respite from the static sculptures and figurines the park is otherwise famous for. And they are a great attraction for kids and youngsters visiting the park, who like to watch these beings of different shapes, sizes and colors simply swim by inside these large septic tanks.

4. Swings – Enjoy!


As you keep walking through this gigantic maze, door after door, you’ll finally be rewarded with the best kind of remedy to your fatigue and patience – various huge swings! Located at the very end of this maze-like garden, there are plenty of swings hanging from the high aqueducts. All you have to do is wait for your turn, grab a swing, and fell the cool breeze of Punjab ruffle your hair as you sway back and forth.

5. Open Air Theatre – Attend Cultural Events

Open Air Theatre

The amphitheater at the Rock Garden is known to host many events from time to time. Stay tuned and you may just get lucky enough to witness a gig or two here during your visit to Chandigarh. The theatre is essentially a vast pavilion with a center stage that blends art and culture perfectly with the rustic and natural environs of the garden. Here, you can also be part of the Teej Festival that is celebrated by women in this very garden with a lot of enthusiasm and pride.

6. Food Stalls – Munch On Street Food


There are various food stalls and vendors selling street-side knick knacks at the very end of the garden where the swings are located. You can grab a quick bite or a water bottle at nominal rates to beat the heat while watching your kids play and swing nearby. It’s the perfect place for a family picnic and to relax after roaming around tirelessly in this huge park.

After having a great time exploring this giant maze, you’ll definitely come out feeling all tired and hungry. So, we took the liberty to enlist some nice restaurants near this place that you can head to for some hearty Punjabi cuisine.

1. Backpackers Cafe

Creamy Pancakes

This is a vegetarian-friendly cafe that serves excellent vegan food options as well as an extensive gluten-free menu. Some of the best dishes on their menu include Mushroom Toast, Club Sandwiches, Ceaser’s Salad, Pancakes with whipped cream. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner to its visitors and also features takeout and table service. It’s a great option to grab a quick bite and an economical meal. The staff is quick on their feet and the service is super fast.

Location: SCF 16, Inner Market, Sector 9D, Near Chandigarh Dance Academy, Sector 9, Chandigarh 140110, India
Cost for two: INR 400/-
Opening hours: 8:30 AM – 11:30 PM
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

2. Yo! China

thai noodles served at baan thai

This place needs no introduction. Yo! China food chain is famous all over India for serving their guests with the best of Chinese and Asian cuisine. They serve dinner and lunch and also have an extensive vegetarian-friendly menu. The prices are between low to moderate, so it’s perfect for a hearty family meal where you can satiate your Chinese food cravings in a comfortable environment. The staff is quick, attentive, and always ready to serve the best food to their customers.

Location: 4 & 5 Near Hsbc Bank, Chandigarh 160009, India
Cost for two: INR 1,000/-
Opening hours: 11:30 AM – 11:30 PM
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

3. Vintage Terrace Lounge Bar

Balestier Nightlife

It’s a great place to unwind with your friends or after work owing to its cozy ambiance, comfortable seating, variety of delicious mocktails and cocktails, and the fact that no one shall disturb or intrude in your privacy here. Lying unnoticed in a remote corner of Chandigarh, it doesn’t get a lot of visitors. But those who do visit absolutely fall in love with this place and keep coming back to it. This bar cum pub is a great place to host parties with DJ at reasonable charges. Guests also love the terrace seating where they can get a great view of the hotel’s pool and lawns while sipping on a delicious cocktail and enjoying the blissful weather.

Location: Hotel Mountview, Sector 10 D, Chandigarh 160011, India
Cost for two: INR 1,200/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

If you’ve never been to the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, we’ve just given you some awesome reasons to visit it right away! So, plan your getaway to Punjab and explore this artsy avenue along with many others with your travel companions, and we bet you’ll love every bit of it! Don’t forget to tell us all about your trip experience once you’re back!

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15 Alluring Resorts In Seychelles For A Luxurious Stay In 2019!

If a sizzling & serene vacation is in your mind, go for a fascinating nirvana at Seychelles. This heavenly destination is famous for its sparkling white sand beaches, pristine lagoons, crystal blue waters, and picturesque islands. Though the honeymoon packages for Seychelles cater to a larger chunk of the tourism business, the destination is just as fascinating for those looking for a relaxing vacation. And there are some fascinating & luxurious hotels and resorts in Seychelles that offer utmost comfort, convenience, and extravaganza.

We now present to you a list of the best resorts in Seychelles. Have a look.

Check out this intricate list of 5 star resorts in Seychelles for a comfortable and luxurious stay. Keep scrolling down and real along to know more!

1. Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

An aerial shot of the infinity pool at the Four Seasons Resort in Seychelles

Island: Mahé

Nestled on the pristine island of Mahé, the Four Seasons Resort tops the list of the best luxury resorts in Seychelles and offers once-in-a-lifetime stay experience in the heavenly abode. In addition to the jaw-dropping views of Indian Ocean, this hilltop destination offers lavishness in its classy private villas, specialty dining, blissful spa, and more.

What’s special: Cocktail at Zez Bar, desserts at Kannel, therapies at night spa, and customized spa tours

Tariff: INR 1, 20,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Ocean View Suite

Website | Reviews

2. Banyan Tree Seychelles

A snap of the Banyan Tree resort that is among the best resorts in Seychelles

Island: Mahé

Banyan Tree is one of the best beach resorts in Seychelles and overlooks the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Nestled in the Intendance Bay, this tranquil resort is surrounded by plush green palm plantations, sun-kissed beach, and mind-blowing natural splendors.

What’s special: Al Fresco Spa, firelit beach dining, fine dining at Au Jardin D’Espices & Saffron, boat cruise, yoga, and forest trekking

Tariff: INR 90,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Beachfront Pool Villa

Website | Reviews

3. Enchanted Island Resort

Poolside dining at Enchanted Island Resort in Seychelles

Island: Round Island
Nestled in the spectacular Sainte Anne Marine Park, the Enchanted Island Resort is often regarded as the best resort in Seychelles for honeymoon. The resort offers ultra luxurious Creole-Seychellois villas with all modern amenities and classy elegance. From the sunset boat rides to a dip in the private pool, and from the rejuvenating spa therapies to the lavish global dining, there is something for everyone.

What’s special: Serena Spa, Tresor Boutique, Pavilion Bwa Zolliker Yoga Pavilion, and delectable dining at poolside Bounty Restaurant & Castaway Bar

Tariff: INR 80,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Owner’s Signature Villa

Website | Reviews

4. Paradise Sun

The beach and the beach restaurant at Paradise Sun Resort in Seychelles

A resort that offers all its guests with a complimentary Sunset Cruise and is also one of the best 5-star resorts in Seychelles, Paradise Sun is an amazing option for all those who love luxury and comfort. Paradise Sun Resort is known for pampering its guest with remarkable services and great food!

Island: Praslin

What’s special: Complimentary Sunset Cruise on Wednesdays, St Pierre Beach Restaurant on Anse Volbert, 5-star Dive Centre offering PADI services, Creole cooking class, kayaking, Balinese spa therapies at spa,

Tariff: INR 42,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Ocean-view Superior Rooms

Website | Reviews

Check out this intricate list of 4 star resorts in Seychelles for a memorable and comfortable stay. Keep scrolling down and real along to know more!

5. Cerf Island

A night shot of the pool at Cerf Island Resort

Perched on a hilltop, the Cerf Island Resort is one of the best resorts in Seychelles. It overlooks sun-kissed white sand beaches, blue waters, and luxuriant vegetation. The resort boasts of a cluster of 24 well-appointed villas, elegant & sober décor, warm hospitality, and breath-taking surrounding view.

Island: Mahé

What’s special: Infinity Edge Pool, cocktail bar by the poolside, Le Spa, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, sunset cruise, and fishing tours

Tariff: INR 35,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Tortoise Suite

Website | Reviews

6. Le Domaine De L’Orangeraie

The infinity pool of the Le Domaine de L Orangeraie resort in Seychelles

Le Domaine is one of the best spa resorts in Seychelles. The elegant resort is known for its serene surroundings, nice décor, spacious rooms, and a plateful of fantastic facilities for a blissful holiday. The resort boasts of its 55 villas, world cuisine restaurants, outdoor activities, and relaxing spa therapies.

Island: La Digue
What’s special: Safran Boutique, Barefoot lounge, terrace dining at Le Combava, lagoon facing Alembic bar, Infinity pool bar, and snorkeling facilities

Tariff: INR 33,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Villa de Charme Élégance

Website | Reviews

7. Constance Ephelia Resort

The fitness pool at Ephelia that is among the best resorts in Seychelles

A hot favorite among the travelers, Constance Ephelia is one of the most popular 4-star resorts in Seychelles. In addition to its lavish rooms, suites, villas, and awesome location overlooking the Port Launay National Park, this resort offers decent ambiance, elegant décor, and numerous other amenities for all.

Island: Mahé
What’s special: Corossol restaurant, Spa Village, and diving facilities.

Tariff: INR 30,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Beach Villas

Website | Reviews

8. Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa

The main lobby area of the Avani resort in Seychelles

Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa, located in proximity to the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens, is an idyllic holiday hideout for relaxing and revitalizing vacation. With its cozy & comfortable rooms, beachside dining, and other amenities, it finds its place among the best resorts in Seychelles for honeymoon. One can relax & spend some quality time with the beloved in the swimming pool or take a stroll & witness the sunset on the beach.

Island: Mahé

What’s special: Cooking classes, horse riding on Barbarons beach, marine park excursion, yoga, beachside dining, relaxing cocktails at the Gravity ocean-view bar, global cuisine at Elements, Asian delicacies at Tamarind, and relaxing Avani Spa

Tariff: INR 30,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Ocean View Suite

Website | Reviews

9. Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort & Spa

The Le Mont Fleuri dining area at the Beachcomber resort in Seychelles

Moderately priced, Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort is one of the most famous resorts in Seychelles with private pool. Sounds like your kind of resort? You will be glad to know that you can even relax and refresh your soul and body at this resort has an amazing spa.

Island: Mahé

What’s special: Spa by Clarins, Spotting sea turtles, Hammam & Sauna, and fine dining at Le Mont Fleuri, Le Robinson, Le Takamaka, & Le Abondance

Tariff: INR 18,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Royal Villa

Website | Reviews

10. Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa

The pool attached to the Presidential Suite of the Hilton Resort in Seychelles

If you are looking for the best 4 star Seychelles resorts, then Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort will be the perfect option for you. From spacious rooms to an electrifying bar, this resort will add the fun element to your vacation. Do add this resort on your list!

Island: Silhouette

What’s special: Delicacies of Sakura, Portobello, Gran Kaz, Café Dauban, Teppanyaki, & La Brizan Bar, couple spa, diving, fishing, hiking, and kid’s club

Tariff: INR 25,500 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Presidential Villa

Website | Reviews

Check out this terrific list of 5 star resorts in Seychelles for a comfortable and memorable stay on your trip. Keep scrolling down and real along to know more!

11. Acajou Beach Resort

The beach and grounds of the Acajou Beach Resort in Praslin

Acajou Beach Resort is an affordable option among the best honeymoon resorts in Seychelles. Located on the pristine Praslin Island, away from the hustle bustle of the urban life, it is an idyllic resort for a cheerful holiday.

Island: Praslin

What’s special: Private dining at Les Boucaniers, refreshing beverages at Chapo Bar, and delectable food at Starfish Restaurant

Tariff: INR 17,750 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Deluxe Room

Website | Reviews

12. Valmer Resort

A couple enjoys a poolside dinner at Valmer Resort

The Valmer Resort is yet another economical option among the best resorts in Seychelles. Located a few minutes’ walk from the sizzling Baie Lazare white sandy beach, it offers a wide variety of stay options, along with world class dining at the Le Palmier Restaurant. Sipping a refreshing drink at La Gaulette Bar is also another hot favorite among the travelers here.

Island: Mahé
What’s special: Frangipani Spa, well-appointed gym, infinity pool, art gallery, boat tours, beachwear boutique, library, and delectable food at Le Palmier

Tariff: INR 17,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Pool Villa with private Jacuzzi

Website | Reviews

13. Berjaya Praslin

The main entrance of the Berjaya Praslin Resort

Located amid tropical vegetation and sizzling beaches by the Cote D’Or Esplanade coast, this is a perfect island getaway and one of the best resorts in Seychelles. The resort offers all sorts of amenities and comfort without much of a pocket pinch.

Island: Praslin

What’s special: Trekking, jungle walk, diving & snorkeling facilities, pool bar, and fine dining at Fregate and Pizzeria restaurants

Tariff: INR 12,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Deluxe Sea View Room

Website | Reviews

14. Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort And Casino

A night shot of the swimming pool at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay resort

Berjaya is one of the perfect leisure resorts in Seychelles, ideal for those who are looking for peaceful & refreshing vacations. It is located amid sparkling white sand beaches, tranquil turquoise waters of Indian Ocean, and plush green surroundings. The dining options in Parrot, Pizzeria, & Le Canton and the Silhoutte Bar are added charms.
Island: Mahé

What’s special: In-house Casino, beach volleyball, deep sea fishing, diving, and other sea sports

Tariff: INR 11,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Royal Suite

Website | Reviews

15. Coco D’or Hotel

The backside of the Coco D or Hotel in Seychelles

Located on the famous Mahe island. Coco D’or Hotel is one of the best resortsin Seychelles for couples and if you and your beloved are ready for a romantic escape then you must plan your vacation soon. You can enjoya refreshing cocktails and delicious food at the pool side at this hotel.
Island: Mahé

What’s special: Cocktail by the pool at Latanier Bar and sumptuous dining at La Palma, The Wok, & Uncle Will’s Pizzeria

Tariff: INR 9,000 per night onwards

Suggested stay: Deluxe Room

Website | Reviews

With this selective list of hotels and resorts in Seychelles you can make your holiday in Seychelles a blissful & heavenly affair. Do let us know about your vacation in comment section below.

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6 Best Places For Shopping In Suwon To Pamper The Shopaholic In You

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia

South Korea is a country in East Asia where people from all over the world flock in large numbers every year. The country has great military power and shares world’s one of the most heavily militarized borders with North Korea. There is very little heterogeneity among South Korea’s people – in the sense that most of them identify as Koreans and speak the Korean language. South Korea is not only famous for its hilly areas, Buddhist temples, high-tech cities, fishing villages, and islands but also for its places of shopping. Shopping in Suwon is one of the favorite pastimes of the tourists as well as locals. Suwon has all kinds of markets and shopping complexes, ranging from luxury brand stores to flea markets. The markets and shopping complexes of Suwon offer a wide variety of items to the shopper to choose from. If you are holidaying in South Korea and want to get the best shopping experiences, simply head to Suwon.

There are many places in Suwon that are worth visiting for different reasons – these also include places for shopping in Suwon. Below is a carefully curated list of the places for best shopping in Suwon:

1. Insa-dong

Insa-dong In Suwon

If you are someone who is interested in buying artsy stuff and handicrafts, Insa-dong is the place for you. It is a paradise for art enthusiasts. Insa-dong symbolizes the Korea of former times, with traditional artists and musicians performing on streets and shops selling Korean crafts. The place is famous for selling paper lanterns, wooden masks, tea sets, etc. Insa-dong is a great place for buying souvenirs that you want to take home from your South Korea trip. A variety of soaps as well as accessories like necklaces and bracelets can be found in Insa-dong.
Must buy: Soaps, bracelets, necklaces, baubles, wooden masks, paper lanterns, tea sets, and more
Location: Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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2. Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Tower In Suwon

Lotte World Tower is the tallest building in South Korea and 5th tallest in the world. The first design of the building was made in 1989 and it was finally completed and opened to the public in April 2017. It is one of the newest places for shopping in Suwon, Korea. The building actually has 123 floors, out of which the first 12 floors are used for retail purposes. On these 12 floors there is everything that should be there in a shopping mall. They have cafes, luxury boutiques, luxury watch stores, restaurants, electronics stores, etc. They even have a cinema and concert hall!
Must-try shops: BRUXIE, LINA’S, Aesop
Location: 05551, Olympic-ro 300, Songpa-gu, Seoul(Sincheon-dong 29)

3. Artbox

Colorful Pencils Painting Color Stationery Paint

If you are fond of buying and hoarding compact and cute stationery items, Artbox is the place for you. Artbox has a wide collection of stationery items like greeting cards, pencils, notebooks, stickers, etc. It is safe to say that Artbox is the place that offers opportunity for best shopping in Suwon for stationery. Artbox sells notebooks with quirky Korean quotes and mechanical pencils having pictures of your favorite cartoon characters. It is a great idea to take your kids to this place.

Tip: Do not go to Artbox on a Saturday. It is crowded like crazy and you might as well get overwhelmed.
Must buy: Notebooks, mechanical pencils, greeting cards, stickers, clocks, socks
Location: Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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4. Seoul Folk Flea Market

Seoul Folk Flea Market

Seoul Folk Flea Market is one of the best places for cheap shopping in Suwon. It is the largest flea market in Korea. A large collection of Korean items, souvenirs, household items, etc. are available at this market. The food in this market is to die for! The market hosts performances of Pungmulpae – traditional Korean percussion band throughout the year. The market is a two-story building in which the first floor covers antiques and clothing and the second floor has restaurants. The market is divided into seven zones: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet – the colours of rainbow. Each zone is assigned a different category of shopping items.
Must buy: Crockery, smoking pipes, vintage goods, regional specialities, traditional and modern crafts
Location: 21 Cheonho-daero 4-gil, Sinseol-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

5. Myeongdong Market

Market View

Myeongdong Market is a Suwon shopping street where almost every major Korean fashion and cosmetic brand has one or more stores. The market is full of shops and stores that can be found at the basement too! Myeongdong transforms into an altogether different place at night, with bright lights shining and street food like dumplings, rice cakes, steamed corn, etc. being sold by vendors.
Must-try brands: Olive Young, Primera, Nature Republic, Boots
Location: Chungmuro 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

6. Namdaemun Night Market

Namdaemun Night Market In Suwon

Namdaemun Night Market is one of the world’s most engaging and ambient night markets. It is the oldest and largest market of South Korea. This market is the place where you can have delicious street treats like dumplings, pickled ginger, herbal supplements, etc. The market houses shops that sell a wide variety of trinkets. Cars were not prevalent at the time when this market came into place. Even now the market is not accessible by cars. One has to take a motorcycle or a bicycle to the market. However, the easiest way to get to the market is via bus and subway.
Must buy: Pickled ginger, herbal supplements, trinkets
Location: 21 Namdaemunsijang 4-gil, Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Everyone is fond of shopping during vacation. South Korea is a great place where you can holiday and explore the places of shopping in the country. Suwon is an amazing city of South Korea and the places for shopping in Suwon are lit! Now that you know quite a lot about Suwon and its places of shopping, plan an excursion to Suwon and do not forget to shop at the above-mentioned places!

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5 Must-Try Indian Restaurants In Zagreb For An Authentic Culinary Ride!

The vibrant, colorful, and cheerful capital of Croatia, Zagreb is one of those few destinations that look marvelous and enchanting when toured around on foot. The youthful city culture, an extensive number of cafes, vivacious flea markets, a stunning amalgamation of contemporary and conventional architecture, and intriguing pop ups combine to form the magnificent city of Zagreb. Embracing the population and cultures of various different geographical locations, Zagreb blankets little elements from world-wide, Indian restaurants in Zagreb being one of them. Serving the flavor-packed dishes made with authentic spices, herbs, and condiments, travelers visiting Zagreb should certainly make a stop at some of these Indian restaurants.
Comfortable atmosphere, homely vibes, an extensive menu, and extremely delectable food makes sure that guests get to witness one of the most exciting dining experience. Zagreb, known for its cafes and restaurants, is a perfect city for all the foodies out there who seek an opportunity to indulge in various cuisines at one destination. These Indian restaurants in Zagreb mentioned below are bound to make one’s palate dance and crave for more. One can simply not have enough of the delicious Indian cuisine, can they now?

As people say, ‘Good food is good mood’, the Indian restaurants in Zagreb work on something similar policy. Offering finger-licking good and authentic dishes to the visitors, Indian restaurants in the capital city simply add to an already entrancing experience. Find below a list of top 5 restaurants serving Indian cuisine that one should definitely put on their bucket list when traveling to the city of wonders, Zagreb.

1. Royal India

Royal India

Image Courtesy: royalindia

With inner walls being adorned by the painting from Mughal Era in India, dishes being served in traditional pots made of copper and brass, the fragrance of incense the moment one enters, and friendly staff dressed in a traditional India attire, Royal India teleports its visitors to the mesmerizing land of diversity, India. The comfortable and home-like atmosphere makes the dining experience in this restaurant one of a kind. Offering an extensive authentic Indian menu to the guests, Royal India tends to take the visitors on a magnificent culinary journey.

Location: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 26, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Timings: 11 am to 11 pm
What To Try: Paneer Pasanda, Tandoori Chicken, Dal Makhani, Malai Kofta, Hara Bhara Kebab

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2. Bombay Grill Restaurant & Bar

bombay grill

Image Courtsey: bombaygrills

One of the best Indian restaurants in Zagreb, Bombay Grill allows the visitors to get a genuine taste of India with a hint of modernism. Bombay Grill in Zagreb showcases great conjunction with food and alcohol. Serving the dishes in respect of the season in an elegant and stylish surrounding, Bombay Grill is one of its kind. Allowing visitors to get a sneak peek of India, the dishes served in this fine dining restaurant are prepared with the love and passion of the skilled chefs. Food served in this restaurant is plated with keeping an eye on every detail, making it a must-visit for travelers who are visiting Zagreb.

Location: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 74, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Timings: 11 am to 12 am
What To Try: Paneer Butter Masala, Paneer Tikka, Palak Paneer, Dal Tadka, Chicken Tikka

3. Namaste India

Namaste India

Serving an extensive menu that covers both the Northern and Southern parts of India, Namaste India is one of the famous Indian restaurants in Zagreb. Housing chefs from different corners of the country, the authenticity, and genuine Indian flavors are certainly assured. Namaste India shares the diversity of India with the locals and travelers visiting Zagreb through the food prepared with exotic Indian spices and flavors. Catering to some of the people with special dietary requirements, the restaurant also serves a vegan menu.

Location: Selska Cesta 217, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Timings: 12 pm to 11 pm
What To Try: Butter Chicken, Idli Sambhar, Tandoor Grilled Mushroom, Murgh Malai Tikka

4. Libertas


Offering a great number of services including in-house dining, home delivery, and catering for big, personal events, Libertas is one of the most wholesome restaurants. Initially started as a seafood only restaurant, Libertas now serves some of the most delicious and authentic Indian cuisines that leaves one wanting for more. Apart from the scrumptious dishes influenced by the dazzling country of India, this restaurant also offers local as well as continental cuisine to its guests, catering to every kind of taste bud.

Location: Ul. Ljerke Šram 6, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Timings: 10 am to 11 pm
What To Try: Chicken Saag, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Soup, Cheese Pakora, Lamb Curry

5. Curry Bowl

Curry Bowl

Allowing the guests to experience the southern flavors of the country, Curry Bowl serves most of the dishes with an undertone of coconut. The delicious delicacies served in this restaurant are prepared with aromatic spices imported from South Asia and freshly grown vegetables. This terrace restaurant offers a very relaxed and comforting atmosphere. The friendly and courteous staff managing the customers are nothing less than a cherry on top.

Location: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 44, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Timings: 11 am to 11 pm (Sun-Thu), 11 am to 12 am (Fri-Sat)
What To Try: Devil Dish, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Fish Cutlets, Fried Rice

The youthful and cheerful capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is nothing less than a paradise on earth for all the food lovers out there. Giving an opportunity to the travelers and locals alike, restaurants in Zagreb are bound to put the visitors in a trance with the fragrances and flavors of the dishes served. One such category of eateries are the Indian restaurants in Zagreb. Offering authentic, traditional, and genuine taste of the Indian Cuisine, these restaurants are capable of teleporting the guests to beautiful India. So, the next time one is on a holiday in Zagreb do not forget to add these amazing Indian restaurants on the bucket list!

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A Guide To Elephant Beach: Traversing The Most Silent Beach Of Andaman

Elephant Beach is amongst the most popular attractions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This interesting beach is located in Havelock island and one needs to take a ferry to reach here. The panoramic vistas of Elephant Beach will surely make you fall in love with this enticing place. It is one of the cleanest beaches in India that offers an exclusive experience to travelers looking for peaceful expeditions while holidaying in Andaman.

As the Elephant Beach is gaining popularity, you can take a day trip to this beach along with exploring the nearby beaches such as Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, and Mangrove Forests. The beach lures wanderers from across the continent with its bright coral reefs that can be witnessed at the depth which is merely a meter shallow.

Elephant Beach also offers numerous water sports adventurous excursions including swimming, kayaking, fishing, and a lot more! Read more to get details on this stunning beach ensuring the most awesome holiday with its crystal clear ocean water, and golden beaches surrounded by lush green forests.

Best Time To Visit Elephant Beach

The best time to visit Elephant Beach depends on the purpose of your visit. This beautiful beach located in the mesmerizing Havelock Island is best to be explored during winter, that’s between December to February. The temperature ranges between 19-26 degree Celsius during winter making it comfortable for sightseeing. Whether you want to relax by the peaceful spots on this beach or indulge in some water sports adventure, an expedition to Elephant Beach in winter will surely make you gather a plethora of awesome memories.

Summer is quite hot and humid making it difficult a bit uncomfortable for tourists. However, monsoons are amazing here give you a chance to witness the panoramic beauty of this peaceful Elephant Beach.

Andaman Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Indulge in snorkeling or scuba diving to see magnificent coral reefs or stay in beach resorts at Havelock island. Visit Port Blair, Ross Islands, Neil Islands, Gandhi marine park, and Cellular Jail. Book memorable holiday packages on TravelTriangle.

Elephant Beach offers numerous electrifying activities. Check out the most adventurous things to do in Elephant Beach including snorkeling, trekking, scuba diving, fun diving, and a lot more!

1. Trekking


If you think that the best way to reach Elephant Beach is via boat then you are wrong! The trekking trail is the best way to reach Elephant Beach as it is well marked, safe and simple walk of merely 2 km. You may find the boat operators, elaborating the risks of this trek which is part of their business tactics. The starting point of this trek is located in Radhanagar Beach, another mesmerizing beach in Havelock Island.

2. Leisurely Hours

Leisurely Hours

You can have your own time by relaxing at one of the most peaceful and unexplored beaches of India. You can spend hours witnessing the mesmerizing views of sunset at Elephant Beach amidst the crystal-clear water and lush tropical forests. You can either relax or have bare footed walks here while glancing the natural beauty of Andaman.

3. Snorkeling

Snorkeling View

If you are holidaying in Andaman then don’t miss out the enthralling snorkeling session at Elephant Beach. This is the best way to witness the vibrant and dynamic marine life of Havelock Island. The captivating views of beautiful and colorful fish, swimming around the stunning corals will surely make you gather a few unforgettable moments.

4. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Enjoy the amazing scuba diving sessions at South Button as this is the best way to witness the vibrant marine life of Havelock Island. You can also take tutorials here before heading for the final dive or get supervised by the experts while snorkeling amidst the beautiful and enormous range of corals here.

Planning your holiday in Andaman but confused about what to do? These Andaman travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

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  • Aakash Shares Tips To Plan An Ideal Honeymoon In Andaman Of 6D/5N

    Elephant Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is surrounded by numerous mesmerizing beaches and forests. Following are the best places to visit near Elephant Beach for travelers holidaying in Andaman:

    1. Radhanagar Beach

    Radhanagar Beach View

    Radhanagar Beach is one place which you must not miss out on if planning to spend hours at Elephant Beach. The mesmerizing beauty of Radhanagar beach is awarded by reputed travel platforms including Time Magazine, and Tripadvisor. This stunning beach attracts visitors with its captivating sights of sunsets. You can also grab some local delicacies here and relax by the beach, away from the hustle of the city life.

    Distance from Elephant Beach: 2.2 km
    Best way to reach: Boat & trek

    2. Kalapathar Beach

    Kalapathar Beach

    One of the smallest beaches of Andaman, Kalapathar beach is named after the peaceful village Kalapathar which is located in Havelock Island. You can glance the life of villagers occupied with their rituals while exploring this beach. The beach is quite stunning and experiences an awesome weather where you can stroll and enjoy the cool breeze amidst the crystal clear water and lushes of surrounding forests.

    Distance from Elephant Beach: 10.8 km
    Best way to reach: Boat

    3. Govind Nagar Beach

    Govind Nagar Beach

    Govind Nagar Beach is another peaceful beach of Havelock island that is gaining popularity these days. This peaceful beach is a delight for travelers looking for a serene and silent escapes away from the hustling city life. Do plan an excursion to this beach if you are interested in spending a few peaceful leisurely hours.

    Distance from Elephant Beach: 7.3 km
    Best way to reach: By road or boat

    4. Mangrove Forest

    View Of Mangrove Forest

    Andaman is quite famous for its Mangrove Forests and one such forest is located in proximity to Elephant Beach. The mangrove forest of Havelock Island are quite famous for their colorful and dynamic flora and fauna and has been attracting travelers. You can go for a forest safari to experience the best of these mangrove forests.

    Distance from Elephant Beach: 1.5 km
    Best way to reach: By road

    Beach View

    • Mobile connectivity is an issue on this island, so prefer the properties, restaurants and clubs having 24×7 wifi facilities.
    • As you would be indulging in water sports activities, don’t forget to carry your basic and regular medications.
    • Prefer visiting the beach in early hours as the entire Elephant Beach shuts down by 4:00 PM.

    Beautiful Place

    Elephant Beach in Havelock Island can be reached through two ways. The easiest and the most preferred means to reach Elephant Beach is by taking a boat from Swaraj Dweep dock. The boat journey will take nearly 20 minutes whereas if you want to trek down to Elephant Beach from Radhanagar Beach then the entire excursion will take nearly 30-40 minutes.

    Elephant Beach is an enthralling experience, one must not miss out on while vacationing in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Plan a trip to Andaman with TravelTriangle and witness the stunning beauty of this magnificent island by adding it to the itinerary customized according to your preferences.

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    5 Haunted Places In Dubai That Will Frighten You From Head To Toe!

    Dubai has created a sensation in the world with its sky high buildings that prove that a man can do anything beyond one’s imagination. It is definitely one of the most visited and fascinated destinations in the world. But, there are few things that are not under a man’s control. We are talking about the paranormal activities and the presence of unearthly things that have not spared even the sensational city of Dubai.

    If such occurrences and stories have always triggered the deepest corners of your mind and you want to dare yourself to visit quite horrifying sights, then these haunted places in Dubai will surely amuse you. Also, if you are looking for an offbeat experience then plan your next visit to Dubai and head straight to these haunted places of Dubai and challenge your guts! Believe it or not, that’s your call, but there are sounds that echo in every corner of these places.

    Of all the 10 most haunted places in Dubai and nearby, we have listed the 5 top places that will terrify your soul. Take a look!

    1. Al Jazirat Al Hamra: The Ghost Town

    al jazirat al hamra

    This ghost town, as it is called by the locals, was once inhabited by three tribes. Later, it became one of the most abandoned places in Dubai and became infamous for ghostly activities. If you go and ask the locals, they have many stories to tell and will advise you not to visit the place especially after dawn. The town is marked by abandoned homes and eerie silence. Still, if you want to go and witness some thrill, visit this town which is located at an hour’s drive from Dubai.

    Location: Ras Al-khaimah

    Dubai Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

    Travel Dubai in Luxury. Visit grand Burj Khalifa or the breathtaking Palm Islands. Enjoy Dhow Cruise, International Buffet Dinner, Dubai City Tour, Desert Safari, Ferrari World and Abu Dhabi City Tour. Book your Dubai holiday package on TravelTriangle.

    2. Al Qasimi Palace: The Haunted Palace

    Al Qasimi Palace

    Remember any movie you watched about an abandoned palace having strange stories associated to it or its members? Even if you don’t, this palace stands on the same grounds. The palace was built expensively and was once an important part of Dubai’s royalty. But, now it remains as a haunted ruin. The locals say that on some nights they can hear or even see children peeping out of the windows of this otherwise silent building. It is one of the top haunted places in Dubai.

    Location: Al Dhaith, a half-hour drive from Dubai

    3. The Tunnel In Pan Emirates: Tunnel Of The Dark

    Pan Emirates and the tunnel

    Tunnels have always been a matter of fear and insecurity as the moment you enter them, there is darkness and possibility of unknown happenings. But the fear doubles up when there are ghost stories associated with them. This tunnel in Dubai is famous for spooky stories. Some people say that they have sensed appearances while passing through the tunnel. Will you dare to pass through it?

    Location: Pan Emirates

    4. Al Khail Gate: The Scary Apartment

    Al khail Gate community

    Being one of the ,strong>real haunted places in Dubai, this apartment is infamous for paranormal activities that occurred in some rooms of the building. Some members who lived there reported that their belongings disappeared in a strange manner and found at other places later on. The owners of the building have put it down for maintenance, but the fact cannot be denied that three suicides had taken place in the building. You will get to know about the building easily from the locals on your Dubai trip.

    Location: Dubai

    5. Jumeirah: House Of The Devil


    We all have heard stories about people leaving houses due to unreasonable events they face while living which force them to disown what is theirs! The haunted house in Jumeirah, Dubai is unfortunately one such house. The seven-bedroom building number 4 of Jumeirah was inhabited by some Filipinos back in 2011. They claimed to see ghosts and witness paranormal activities in the house for more than a dozen times! And the locals still believe that the house has some negative energy around it which will possess you if you visit the place.

    Location: Jumeirah

    We have warned you but still if you want to challenge yourself and witness something that’s next level horror, then plan a trip to Dubai with TravelTriangle and head straight to these places.

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    Switzerland In June: For A Blissful Trip Experience Amid The Serene Swiss Alps In 2019

    Switzerland is a land of many of our dreams. But the question is when to visit it? Now, this is where it gets a little tricky. The whole year round, Switzerland presents its visitors with a different scenario, a different atmosphere, which are again differently suitable for different kinds of activities. So, the kind of vacation you are looking for, and the kind of activities you intend to indulge in, will decide the time that is best for you to visit the country. However, we suggest that visiting Switzerland in June will be the perfect time for you to visit the land of extreme hospitality and punctuality, irrespective of the kind of vacation you are looking for or the kind of activities you are looking for. And we have our points to back up our statement. Just read them to find them out for yourself.

    Amazing pleasant weather

    The average temperature on an average June day in Switzerland comes to about 160C, which on later days, could go up to 230C. The highest it goes up to 210C, while the lowest comes down to 110C. The maximum time between sunrise and sundown could go up to as much as 12 hours. It is the perfect time to visit, as in June, snowfall just starts to reduce so that you get a chance to enjoy the Swiss wonderland before summer seeps in. There is moderate rainfall during this month, that ranges between 137-173 mm.


    Here is why we insist that June is the best month to visit Switzerland irrespective of what is in your mind. Firstly, June is the bordering month of the Swiss shoulder season. Shoulder seasons are those during which the weather is the best, and there aren’t a huge number of tourists. Means, you have the place to yourself. June is the best you can get close to the warmest without having to face a huge number of tourists. Moreover, there are about 50% rises in the prices. Hence June! However, for those of you who are diehard fans of snow sports like skiing, winter is the best time for you, i.e. between December and March. There will be intense snowstorms and a large quantity of snow.

    Europe Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

    Explore the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, from Paris to the Venice canals and from the Greek islands to the Swiss alps. Book customized packages by expert agents on TravelTriangle. Inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing and meals. Best holiday experience Guaranteed. Book Now

    If you have decided on visiting Switzerland in June 2019, here are a few activities you could indulge in. with winters just out, this is the best time for you to go hiking and trekking. It is the best time to visit places and explore, as at this time you practically have Switzerland to yourself, with all other tourists gone, and prices dropping crazy. Here are a few activities we found, you could indulge in.

    1. Hikes


    With the snow out for the time, this is the time for you to go on hikes and trekking expeditions. Without the snow, you could go on trails as high as 2000 meters from the sea level. Form those heights, you will be presented with excellent views of the higher, inaccessible for the time being, ice-capped peaks. This is surely one of the best things to do in Switzerland in June with your squad, especially if you are in pursuit of a real adventure!

    2. Lakes

    Lake view

    In Switzerland, you will find a number of scenic lakes to visit and spend time around. You could also arrange a tiny picnic with your loved ones to one of those lakes. Although, we have a few names that exceptionally stand out. Be it the scenery against which they are located, or be it their geographical location or even the lake themselves. You should not miss out on Lake Maggiore, neither should you not visit lake Lugano, which is on the Italian-Swiss border. Be sure, however, to carry your passport while visiting Lake Lugano.

    3. Cable Cars Cogwheel Trains

    view of Cable Cars Cogwheel Trains

    Riding the Swiss cable trains is every traveler’s dream. And that could come true for you in June. During the low seasons, the cable cars and cogwheel rides are closed down, mostly because of the snow situation. But in June, they start operating once again, multiplying your chances of looking down at the scenic views of Switzerland, from high up in the sky.

    Cogwheel train rides are another excitement you might not want to miss out on. However, not all might prefer to go on one such rode, especially the one up the Alpine mountains that is super steep, dizzying to most.

    4. Pass Roads

    Pass Roads

    Once spring arrives, chances for you to explore Switzerland multiply. The scenic pass roads open up. So, you can access the places on the other sides of the pass roads unhindered. One such place to visit is Lucerne. An input to this place is possible through the Swill Travel Pass. However, if you don’t have one, issuing the Golden Pass will do the job. It is best to take these scenic passes on one of the luxurious, rich in heritage, Swiss trains.

    5. Swimming And Sunbathing

    Swimming And Sunbathing place

    Spring and summer naturally call for outdoor activities. The places come to life, and the weather turns pleasant. And at this wonderful juncture, Zurich provides you with the best opportunities to bask in the sun. Go by the Lake Zurich, or up to the banks of Zurich’s rivers, and you are open to swimming in them or just laying down to sunbathe. Moreover, there are over 40 swimming pools in the whole of Zurich. By swimming pools, we mean all water bodies we mean artificial outdoor pools, rivers, and lakes.

    While there are a lot more activities for you to do in Switzerland in June, we have only provided the highlights to you. In fact, there is a never-ending list of things to do here. Even a lifetime could fall short, depending on your speed. So, be sure to explore more.

    For now, we have centered our search to Zurich, which is known to be the hospitality hub of the whole of Europe. Being like the center of Switzerland, Zurich gives you a good base option. Moreover, Zurich in itself can present itself as a perfect place to explore Swiss history and architecture. Here are a few places you can stay in Zurich.

    1. Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel

     Zurich Tower Hotel

    A superb 5-star hotel, with excellent soundproof rooms, and the whole 5-star experience. Each room in the hotel comes with a unique view of the city. Pretty close to the Swiss National Museum, and the Zurich Opera House, it provides you with the perfect evening activities.

    Location: Turbinenstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland

    2. Hotel Storchen

    Hotel view

    Storchen is a 4-star hotel, situated in Limmatquai. This place runs along the river and gives you excellent views of the west side. Along with their in-house bar offering exquisite live piano music, the guests surely enjoy digging into the Swiss breakfast from their buffet menu. You can surely enjoy most of the cultural attractions as they’re all close by within a walking distance from the hotel.

    Location: Weinplatz ,Zurich Old Town City Center, Zurich, Switzerland

    important things to carry

    Here is a short list of items you could put in your bags while you prepare for Switzerland and have an amazing holiday experience amid the land of alps.

    • Water resistant shoes, or boots
    • Wet weather gear like Goretex jacket.
    • Over pants for the rain
    • Shorts, long sleeve shirts, and hats for the hikes and treks
    • Pants with zip off legs, preferably to adapt to the weather
    • Fleece clothing
    • Umbrella

    So, this is our suggestion for you about visiting Switzerland in June. You must be content with our arguments and hence cannot wait to make the plans. Well, plan well, and plan to move around, as moving around will give you a larger experience. Happy holidays.

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    Our Mauritius Honeymoon In May Was Straight Out Of Our Dreams!

    May is hot and humid, and unfortunately, it only gets worse in the subsequent months. Keeping that in mind, Ashutosh planned his Mauritius honeymoon in May to beat the summer heat and turn up the romance quotient. Was his plan successful? Let’s find out!

    Picking a honeymoon destination is no child’s game. For months, my wife and I deliberated over where should we go. Places like Thailand and Indonesia were turned down because of the humidity. We wanted to go somewhere cooler. Mauritius seemed like an ideal choice because my wife is an ardent fan of beaches and watersports. Once we zeroed in on the destination, we got in touch with TravelTriangle who made all the necessary arrangements for us as per our budget for Mauritius honeymoon. All we had to do was sit back and enjoy the journey. And boy, what a beautiful journey it was.

    Trip Cost: INR 50,000 per person
    No. Of People: 2
    Trip Duration: 7 days and 6 nights
    Inclusions: Breakfast, dinner, airport transfers, visa, sightseeing, entry fees of attractions, non motorised water sports activities, 1 free GSM sim card upon arrival
    Exclusions: Lunch, private cab, airfare, travel insurance

    Day 1: Arrival in Mauritius
    Day 2: Ile Aux Cerfs East Tour on speedboat
    Day 3: Leisure Day
    Day 4: North Mauritius Tour
    Day 5: Leisure Day
    Day 6: South Mauritius Tour
    Day 7: Departure

    Mauritius weather in May was one of the primary reasons why we chose to take our honeymoon in this destination. By and large, it was cool, dry, and sunny. It drizzled a few times in the day, but it wasn’t a dampener on our spirits. We enjoyed the occasional sprinkles and they, in no way, derailed our travel plans. The pleasant weather enhanced our overall travel experience

    Here are some of our most memorable experiences from our Mauritius honeymoon in May that we will cherish throughout our lives:

    1. Ile Aux Cerfs East Tour




    My Lovely Wife And Me

    My Lovely Wife

    Couple Photo

    beach view

    Adventure Time

    We were spoilt for choice by the extensive range of watersports in Mauritius for couples. We enjoyed adventure activities like paragliding, undersea walk, and tube ride. The speed boat ride to Ile Aux Cerfs island was full of exciting sights to see.

    2. North Mauritius Tour

    Lovely Couple


    Ride Scooty

    Me and My wife Selfie

    Museum View

    Eating time

    Chilling on roads with wife

    We drove to Curepipe to see the spectacular crater “Trou aux Cerfs”. The experience was nothing short of phenomenal. We enjoyed the extensive view of the island. Later, we went on a tour of the textile museum, duty free boutiques, and ship model factory shops.

    3. South Mauritius Tour

    My Wife Relaxing

    Sea behind Us

    Showing Love

    My Lovely Wife

    Cruise Ship

    Chilling with my wife


    The views of the Citadel, Champ de Mars, Government House, and the Harbour blew us away. We shopped for souvenirs in the local market for a bit and then drove through the city centre to reach Caudan Waterfront. It is a commercial landmark of shops, restaurants, and craft markets.

    4. Chamarel Tour

    Black River Gorge

    me and my wife at swimming pool

    Relax at beach

    Thinking about each other

    We thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent view of Black River Gorge on the way to Chamarel, the place where the 7 colored earth is found. It was one of the most exquisite experiences on our Mauritius honeymoon in May and one we will remember for ages to come.

    We stayed in InterContinental Resort Mauritius. It is a huge property located on the north-west side of the Mauritian island. On our arrival, we were greeted with a refreshing drink while we waited for our check-in. Within 10 minutes, all formalities were completed, and we were escorted to our room. To our surprise, we were offered a complimentary wine bottle, a fruit platter and 2 t-shirts. We also got an ocean facing room from where we could see the beautiful scenery on our Mauritius honeymoon in May. We never had any issues in communicating with our hotel staff since majority of them could speak in English. Mauritiians, in general, are a helpful and friendly lot.

    Based on the reviews we found online for Indian restaurants in Mauritius, we visited Veda. The restaurant had a wide variety of vegetarian options available on their menu. The dinner and breakfast was complimentary. We paid around 1000-1500 Mauritian Rupees per person for lunch. The Indian chef at InterContinental Resort Mauritius prepared authentic Indian food for us which was, by far, the best meal we had had in ages.

    The shops in Mauritius sell everything under the roof. To be honest, shopping is a slightly expensive affair on the island. I suggest you carry all the essentials such as towels, slippers, and swimsuits with you. Anything you buy from the local shops will cost you 2-3 times more than its price in India. We bought a few souvenirs from Mauritius, which includes a jewelry box, postcards, keyrings and miniature boats.

    Here’s a list of Mauritius travel tips for couples that I believe will help you two avoid mistakes and vacation like a pro on your Mauritius honeymoon in May:

    1. Pay attention to the instructions given by your tourist agents and guides.
    2. Carry your own towels, swimsuits and swimming gear. Renting it at Mauritius can be costly.
    3. Carry transparent waterproof zip lock bags for keeping your phone and money safe.
    4. Carry basic medical supplies like band aids, Dettol, cotton, and Volini.

    Thanks to TravelTriangle, we got a good deal on our hotel bookings. We were upgraded from a 4 star to a 5 star property because the former property was under renovation. We missed our trip to the waterfall because of reasons beyond our control. Our TravelTriangle agent was kind enough to refund the amount.

    Here’s a compilation of all the travel queries you may have vis-a-vis our Mauritius honeymoon in May. I am pretty sure the answer to your question will be here:

    Q. Which part of Mauritius is best for honeymoon?

    North Mauritius is the best choice for a honeymoon trip as it tends to be always sunny.

    Q. Is Mauritius safe at night?

    Mauritius is, by and large, safe at night. Try and avoid roaming in the streets alone.

    Q. How expensive is food in Mauritius?

    Indian cuisine is the most economical option but having said that, Mauritian food, especially street food, is not that expensive.

    Q. How many days is enough for Mauritius honeymoon in May?

    6 to 7 days are enough for Mauritius honeymoon in May.

    Q. Is Indian rupee accepted in Mauritius?

    No, you will have to exchange your Indian currency for the local currency of Mauritius i.e. Mauritian rupee.

    Our Mauritius honeymoon in May is nothing short of spectacular. We hope that our experiences from this trip help you plan your honeymoon in Mauritius better and enhance your overall traveling experience. Make sure to book your honeymoon with TravelTriangle for a smooth and hassle-free vacation.

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    7 Spectacular Theme Parks In Texas For A Thrilling Experience In 2019!

    Remember the time when you were a kid and loved going to water parks and amusement parks? What if you get a chance to relive those childhood memories? Visit Texas for the child inside you as it has various amusement parks. Texas is a state located in the Central-South region of the United States. It is also known as “Lone Star State” and is very famous for BBQ, Country Music, Rodeos and Cowboy accessories. It is very rich in culture and traditions and you get to taste a wide variety of tempting and mouth-watering food like The Texas Trinity, Tacos and Chicken Fried Steak. If you are adventurous, there’s a lot for you in Texas. There are numerous theme parks in Texas which are well known for their uniqueness. If you are visiting Texas for a family vacation, then you should not miss out on these theme parks. To assist you, here’s a list of the most famous theme parks in Texas.

    Did you know that Austin, the capital of Texas is also the music capital of the world? When it comes to amusement parks in Texas, there are a lot of options to choose from but we have simplified your work as the following is a list of the best theme parks in Texas. Have a look!

    1. Six Flags Over Texas

    Six Flags Over Texas

    If you are looking for the best amusement parks in Texas, Six Flags Over Texas is definitely one of them! Six Flags Over Texas is a 212-acre theme park located in Arlington, Texas. It features various rides like Titan, New Texas Giant and the best one being “El Diablo” which is also the world’s largest Loop Coaster. Overall, it is great for recreational activities and to visit with family.

    Location: 2201 E Road to Six Flags St, Arlington, TX 76010, USA

    Looking To Book An International Holiday?

    Book memorable holidays on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

    2. Morgan’s Wonderland

    Morgan's Wonderland

    Morgan’s Wonderland is a 25 acre large, not for profit amusement park located in San Antonio, Texas. Its specialty is that it is suitable for people of all abilities and ages. It features various rides, playgrounds, gardens, a fishing lake, and an amphitheater. In 2017, it also opened its expansion, Morgan’s Inspiration Island which was listed among World’s Greatest Places 2018 by TIME Magazine. The famous rides it exhibits are Butterfly Playground, The Wharf, Water Works and Sand Circle.

    Location: 5223 David Edwards Dr, San Antonio, TX 78233, USA

    3. Kemah Boardwalk


    Kemah Boardwalk is a 60 acre large Texas gulf coast theme park and is considered as one of the best boardwalks in the United States. Kemah Boardwalk amusement park in Texas is home to more than 10 restaurants, various rides, midway games a charter yacht, a 400-slip marina, and many shops. The most renowned rides of this park are Aviator, Boardwalk Beast, Century wheel, Iron Eagle and Drop Zone. Also, you can shop for many souvenirs and merchandise like t-shirts, caps, games and aquarium items.

    Location: 215 Kipp Ave, Kemah, TX 77565, USA

    4. Houston Funplex

    Houston Funplex

    Houston Funplex is one of the best Houston theme parks. It exhibits rides, swings, miniature games, a Two-Storey Playport for kids, bowling, roller coaster, Go-Karts and Video and Arcade games for people of all ages. It is the only theme park in Houston which has a Roller Rink, isn’t it amazing? So head towards Houston Funplex with your friends and family, and have immense fun!

    Location: 13700 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77083, USA

    Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

    Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

    5. Blazer Tag Adventure Center

    Blazer Tag Adventure Center

    Blazer Tag Adventure Center is the most loved Austin Theme Park, it is well-known for Lazer Tag game, Arcade Games and food and drinks. Blazer Tag Adventure Center also features events like Nitro Special, Iceman Special, Far-out fun pack and many others on a daily basis. It is one of its kind amusement parks and is a must-visit if you are in Austin- the capital city.

    Location: 1701 W Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78704, USA

    6. Grand Texas


    Grand Texas is a theme park near Houston Texas, it is spread over an area of 2.61 kilometers, you can also dine, have some tempting food and shop for various products. It has a total of 25 attractions, 2 water rides, and 5 rollercoasters. If you want to have an insight into the history and culture of Texas, you should visit the Grand Texas Theme Park as it features 7 theme areas related to the history of Texas.

    Location: 23065 TX-242, New Caney, TX 77357, USA

    7. Boomers! Houston


    Boomers Houston is among the best theme parks near Houston Texas. It is famous for mini-golf, go-karts, mini boats, mini-games, and arcade games. It is a must-visit park if you are visiting Texas with your family. The rides here are slightly expensive but they are very thrilling and provide a once in a lifetime experience. After you have visited this park, you may have some authentic food at nearby restaurants as they are popular for serving authentic food.

    Location: 17190 TX-249, Houston, TX 77064, USA

    Liked the list of these theme parks in Texas? These theme parks provide you with a superb experience and are a must-visit. Apart from these, you should also visit places and try things like San Antonio’s River Walk, The Alamo, and Big Bend National Park as they are the most famous tourist attractions here. It is often visited by adventurous tourists and is loved by travelers from all parts of the world. Looking for some thrill? Head towards Texas for your next vacation because you will surely get an adrenaline rush here. Now that you know there’s so much to do in Texas, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Texas with TravelTriangle now and explore this beautiful state. It is often visited by adventurous tourists and is loved by travellers from all parts of the world. Don’t count the days, make the days count! Keep travelling and making memories.

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    5 Best Things To Do In Hulhumale For A One-Of-Its-Kind 2019 Holiday Experience

    Maldives is an ideal destination to go for a relaxing beach vacation, and once you’re on the island, there’s no better place than Hulhumale, an artificial island that makes sure there is never a dull moment. From snorkeling to swimming with dolphins, the wide range of things to do in Hulhumale will not let you sit idle at all. Be it a couple, an adventure seeker, or a family with kids, Hulhumale has something to offer to every kind of traveler.

    When it comes to vacations, it is always better to plan beforehand. To help you plan your trip better, include these top 5 things to do in Hulhumale without fail.

    • Hulhumale Beach
    • Centro Mall
    • Water Sports
    • The Sea House
    • Hulhumale Central Park

    1. Hulhumale Beach


    Located at a distance of 2 kms from the Male International Airport, this beach can be reached in 10 minutes via road and is one of the top things to do in Hulhumale. Go for sunbathing along with a spectacular blue view around to rejuvenate, when on a holiday. While the bluest water and the white sands add charm to the beauty of the beach, what makes it exquisite is the unique experience it offers by bringing you closer to the nature. Bikinis are a big no here so dress accordingly.

    Maldives Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

    Experience the best of Maldives with its snorkeling trips, coral islands, fishing tours, and sandy beaches. Holiday Packages at the Best Rate. Get customized deals from expert agents on TravelTriangle. Book Now!

    2. Centro Mall

    Centro Mall

    If you are in this beautiful artificial island for your holiday, you cant miss Hulhumale shopping. However, if you want all inclusive place for shopping luxury brands, dining, then head to Centro Mall in Hulhumale. Hosting more than 30 brand outlets and flagship stores, classy salons, spa and world-class dining outlets like Manhattan Fish Market, it is unquestionably the best place and considered among the top Hulhumale activities.

    3. Water Sports


    Are you wondering what to do in Hulhumale– First is definitely to hit the beaches, where you can relax and munch on some lip smacking snacks and sip your favourite cocktails. Apart from all the relaxation and the calmness of the waves, you can also engage in the many water sports that are available at the beaches. Choose from activities like jet-skiing, parasailing, boating, snorkeling, and much more. Water sports are definitely one of the best things to do in Hulhumale.

    Planning your holiday in Maldives but confused about what to do? These Maldives travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

    Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

    4. The Sea House

    Sea House

    If you are foodie then one of the best things to do in Hulhumale would be to visit The Sea House along with trying local dishes at various restaurants and cafes. Known to serve delectable local and international cuisines, it is one of the popular restaurants in Maldives. Be it food, ambience, service or price, they stand out to be best when compared with other restaurants. You must try their freshly made fruit juices, pad thai, and all sorts of sea foods. This experience is surely one of the top things to do in Hulhumale, Maldives!

    Location: Boduthakurufaanu Magu, 1st Floor Hulhumale Male’ Ferry Terminal, Male 20005
    Timings: 4.30 AM to 1.00 AM

    5. Hulhumale Central Park

    Central park

    Thinking of what to do in Hulhumale in Maldives that can make you feel relaxed- Take a stroll through the famous Hulhumale Central Park which is a car free zone. You will find lawns around a pond while strolling. In the morning or evening, you can also go for a workout in the open-air gym, play football or go skateboarding.

    Mesmerized much? Many more such amazing experiences and fascinating things to do in Hulhumale await your arrival at this exotic destination. All you have to do is just book one of the amazing holiday in Maldives, and let TravelTriangle craft a personalized holiday for you. What are you waiting for?
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