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6 Best Trails For Hiking In Costa Rica For A Thrilling Getaway Into The Wild

Nature has got a lot of adventure on the plate for us, it depends on how much hunger do we have to take it all. From diving into the sea and cenotes to surfing on the beach or hiking and biking It puts a broad smile on our face whenever we talk about exploring. Long, walks are something we all need so fellas, grab a pen and make a note of all these beautiful places for hiking in Costa Rica. No matter how much expensive cars we sit in, the true beauty of nature can only be observed while we take a walk, keenly observing the spell-binding creation of the creator.

The best time to visit Costa Rica is from the months of Mid December to April, this is considered as the best season for tourists to explore the place and experience a lot of sunshine, low humidity therefore cool winds blowing. You can have the best hike in Costa Rica during this time so mark your calendars before booking your tickets. Scroll through and read about the places where you can do the best hikes in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Central America known for its adventure, this place is nothing less than heaven on earth for adventure thrillers and nature lovers. Sky diving, cliff diving, hiking, kayaking there’s nothing that would make you regret the place. The Country has everything to make its visitor fall completely in love with itself. From the serene beaches to the quaint museums or the mouth drooling food with world-class fame and the rainforests it will make you visit the country over and over.

1. Arenal Volcano National Park Hike

arenal volcano

The national park is sprawled over 7114 acres and is blessed with the best scenic beauty. You can have one of the best hikes of your life in the park. Walk-through the primary rainforest. You can have the opportunity to explore wildlife and see beautiful flowers that are unique and can not be found anywhere else. A professional guide will help you with hiking and observing the gifts of nature. The park is open from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon inviting all the hikers for a splendid hike. You can have a group hike if you want to observe the beauty of the forest, you can also have a solo hike if you are a solo backpacker.

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2. Rio Celeste Waterfall and Tenorio Volcano Hike

celeste fall rio

Situated in Guanacaste, the water of the river is so blue that people often misinterpret it as being photoshopped in the pictures. You can relax your body in the hot springs of Tenorio Volcano after the long hike of 5 miles which is quite challenging and tiring. You can also seek out the volcano furnace vents. The Rio Celeste waterfall is a must sightseeing for every visitor, it is so heavenly that it can most definitely sway you with its spellbinding beauty. This place might prove itself challenging for new hikers while the experienced hikers can make their way to find the marvelous nature’s gift hidden in the heart of this place.

3. Manuel Antonio National Park Hike

manule antonio hike rio

Although the area seems small, this is regarded as one of the best parks not only in the country but in the world. Trust us there is nothing more beautiful than hiking through the rainforests, passing through the greenery and inhaling nothing but fresh air to revive your soul. You may be completely surprised by the beauty of the waves rising and falling at 3 of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The hike in Manuel Antonio is not difficult. The trail is flat with sands and people of all ages can have the pleasure to explore this amazing place. There are guides who will help you with hiking, they will also tell you about the highlights. Having a friend does no harm, does it? So hire a guide for a better and more pleasant experience.

4. Bajos del Toro Waterfall Hike

moose river

While hiking through this place you can reward your eyes with the ineffable vision of Catarata Del Toro, the waterfall, which is approximately 400 meter deep and falls with a melodious sound, the more you think you have taken the pleasure to watch this ultimate magic of nature, the more you will crave for standing still and just watching the waterfall down. The giant shower is worth watching after the 15-minutes short hike. Summing up, this is nothing less than a replica of heaven on the earth.

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5. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Hike


The great flora and fauna will spark your senses. This hike is a must if you are a nature lover. The altitude of Monteverde is high which brings moisture to this place eventually explaining why is it known as a cloud forest. The beautiful flowers and unique species that reside in this forest can be seen while hiking. You can also watch beautiful and very rare species of birds in this hiking trail. So make sure to include this place in the list of your Costa Rica hiking vacation.

6. Poas Volcano National Park Hike

volcano poas

Poas Volcano is regarded as one of the deepest yet most alluring craters in the world. The Botos Lagoon is a treat to one’s eyes after the hiking. The elevation of the mountain is high which makes it difficult for new-bees to climb up and explore, if you are active then it would not be a hindrance to your path. This is one of the most difficult trails in Costa Rica hiking trails.

If this does not pump up the adrenaline in your body and make you pack your bags straight-away we wonder what will. Hiking has always been the most serene act. To gather one’s soul and understand the beauty of nature, hiking is regarded as the best option. So make a list of all these amazing places to do hiking in Costa Rica. Plan a trip to Costa Rica with TravelTriangle to have a hassle-free and relaxed trip.
Hike More, Worry Less. 🙂

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Shravanabelagola Temples: A List Of Basadis That You Ought To Visit In 2019!

Shravanabelagola is a tourist-thronged city nestled between the Chandragiri and Vindhyagiri hills. The city is of immense importance due to the presence of many temples which makes it a pilgrimage destination for a lot of people. Shravanabelagola temples are situated on the base of the two hills and are Jain centric. These temples are called as the ‘Basadis’ by the locals and its architectural styles have been inspired by various dynasties. Shravanabelagola temples’ history includes numerous inscriptions and incidents connected with great saints and disciples of the Jain religion. So, here is a list of the temples that you should keep in mind for the next ‘Teerth Yatra’.

Chandragiri and Vindhyagiri hills house the various Basadis in Shravanabelagola. The hills are also home to the locals because of its great agricultural capabilities. However, even though Chandragiri hills are smaller in size compared to Vindhyagiri, most of the temples are situated on the latter. It is important to understand that each and every Basadi has a unique story and way of architecture attached to them ranging from Shravanabelagola temples’ steps to the history behind each of those walls.

1. Akkana Basadi


Akkana Basadi can be translated to mean ‘elder sister’ and is one of the main temples of Shravanabelagola. The temple was constructed by a devout Jain lady, Achala Devi, during the Hoysala period. This Basadi is made of soapstone material which was prominently used to make various buildings in that era. Akkana Basadi has the most magnificent statue of Lord Parshwanath and has a simple and single shrine that houses the sculpture of the saint with his attendants. The dome-like structure of this temple is fondly referred to as the ‘nose of the temple’ because of its unusual and different frame. The temple is one of the favorite Basadis of the locals because of its silent yet calming atmosphere.

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2. Shantinatha Basadi


Shantinatha Basadi is a place of immense spiritual and historic value. The temple has Kannada inscriptions written on the base of Shantinatha’s statue. It was built by one of the ministers in the Hoysala period, however, the temple also has few architectural edges inspired by the Chalukyas. The Basadi is a place that provides its devotees spiritual peace because of its not-so-crowded and simple design. The walls may seem bare but its lintels have engravings of Jain monks which makes this temple a must-visit.

3. Chandragupta Basadi


As the name suggests this temple was built in memory of the great Chandragupta Maurya by his grandson King Ashoka. The temple has 2 cells standing in a row with an ornamental door at the entrance. The screens on both sides of the Basadi, depict various instances from the life of Bhadrabahu and Chandragupta making it a place of divine intercession for many devotees. The temple is one of the smaller basadis on the Chandragiri hills and is one of the first places that come into sight within a few steps of touring the hillside.

4. Kambadahalli


Kambadahalli is also known as the Panchakuta Basadi. The name is derived from the word ‘kambha’ that supports the Basadi’s structure and design. The temple is dedicated to Adinatha, Neminatha, and Shanthinatha. If you do make a stop at this temple, try striking a coin on different areas of the Mahaveera statue and notice how a different sound is produced each time you change your hitting point. The Basadi has three different shrines filled with carvings of flowers and animals.

5. Bahubali Gomateshwara Temple


Bahubali Gomateshwara Temple is famous for its 58 feet tall monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali. The entrance to this temple starts with climbing 620 steps and a decorated door to the temple. This Basadi is also known for the Mahamastakabhishekam festival that it holds once in every 12 years. During the festival, the devotees pour curd, kesar, and sugar on the statue. This temple can be located on the Vindhyagiri hills and can be reached by dolis stationed at the base area of the hillside. Bahubali Gomateshwara is a must-visit for because of its uniquely styled figurines and architecture. You can also find another religious site, the Hanuman temple, with a very tall statue towering over its viewers.

6. Odegal Basadi


This 14th-century temple is one of the very few temples on the Vindhyagiri hills. The temple is supported by slanting stone pillars that causes it to be in an elevated position. This basadi is known for its commanding posture and unique shrines. The statues are carved out of black marble stones with amazing backgrounds. The temple conducts regular poojas and provides a serene atmosphere for devotees with troubles and struggles.

7. Chennanna Basadi


The Chennanna basadi is a small shrine with an image of the Chandraprabha, 8th Jain Tirthankara engraved in the boulders. It has a hall with numerous pillars. The temple comes into view while on your way to the Gomateshwara temple and also shows a panoramic view of Shravanabelagola. It may be a small shrine but its inscriptions and carvings let you know the amazing history of the Jain saints. Do stop and seek blessings while on your way to the Bahubali temple and tap into the spiritual state of mind by offering prayers to Chandraprabhu Tirthankar.

What makes the Shravanabelagola temples such a popular tourist attraction is that all the Basadis are maintained properly by the locals and hold great importance spiritually and some of them are also put under the list of state protection. The temples are rich in history, tradition, inscriptions and beautifully carved statues. Some of these Basadis also date back to the 10th century and beyond. The ancient Shravanabelagola temples should definitely be in your bucket list. So, plan a trip to Karnataka with TravelTriangle, and bring along your friends and family to experience the amazing spiritual aura of this beautiful city.

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21-year Old Woman Becomes The Youngest Globetrotter To Travel To All The Countries In The World

196 countries at the age of 21, now that’s a figure that we need to seek inspiration from. This 21-year old woman has set major travelling goals as she recently became the youngest globetrotter to travel to all 196 sovereign countries in the world. While you’re struggling to get out of bed, Lexie Alford is making her 100th post on Instagram showing the last country she travelled to, which she recently posted on social media on May 31st. Hence, breaking the Guinness World Record of the current 24-year old James Asquith, now if this isn’t travelling goals then we sure need to up our game.

21-year old Lexie Alford, an American woman broke the record of James Asquith after stepping in North Korea on May 31st. She took to Instagram to express her overwhelmed feelings on closing the greatest chapter of her crazy endeavour. This is what Lexie Alford had to say, “OFFICIALLY TRAVELED TO EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, it’s crazy to have years of hard work culminate into one single moment. I’m so grateful to everyone that’s helped me get here. The greatest chapter of my life is coming to a close. Cheers to a new beginning.”

According to a report in Forbes, Alford had a knack for travelling since she was a child as her family owned a travel agency in California, and this is how she was exposed to this way of life. Her parents played a pivotal role in her life, she was always curious about other people’s way of life and how they find happiness.

However, breaking a record wasn’t on Alford’s mind when she began her journey, but this mission grew closer to her heart at the age of 18 when she found out that she had inspired so many others to do the same. When she realized that people have started looking up to her, she didn’t want to back out and went ahead to travel to all the countries in the world. She set an example for everyone by showing that the world is not a cruel place and that you find kind people everywhere, it’s all about your perspective.

Taking forward this feeling and the support she got from young women, she didn’t give up and completed her journey just recently on May 31st, becoming the youngest globetrotter to travel to all the countries.

We hope that this gave you enough inspiration to book your tickets, pack your bags and fly to your favourite destination in the world. Don’t think twice and start planning your International trip and make sure you click pretty pictures and tell us about your wonderful experiences on your trip once you’re back!

Featured Image courtesy: Lexie Limitless

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13 Places To Visit In Jalandhar To Experience The True Beauty Of Punjab In 2019

One of the oldest cities in the northern state of Punjab, Jalandhar till date holds a significant heritage and cultural value that is inevitable and unmatched with any other city in Punjab. Jalandhar is an ancient city in Punjab that is home to many holy shrines and historic landmarks that reek of history and culture in its every nook and corner. A trip around this city will involve too many sightseeing attractions and monuments to visit that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Fret not as we have curated a list of places to visit in Jalandhar that will enhance your holiday trip and leave you with cherished memories.

With many religious and historically important places, Jalandhar was the capital of Punjab before Chandigarh was formed, known for its culture-driven values this city has several places to visit and explore from shopping to sightseeing that will make you want to come back to this beautiful city.

Jalandhar is a commercial city that houses several industries and hubs of religious center and historical importance. Check out this list of places to visit in Jalandhar for a fun trip in the state of Punjab and make sure you include them in your itinerary.

  • Rangla Punjab Haveli
  • Devi Talab Mandir Temple
  • Pushpa Gujral Science City
  • Wonderland Theme Park
  • Jang-e-Azadi Memorial
  • Gurudwara Talhan Sahib Ji
  • Nikku Park
  • Shaheed-e-Azam Museum
  • Shiva Mandir
  • Tulsi Mandir
  • Sodal Mandir
  • Raghuth Mandir
  • Kartarpur Gurudwara

1. Rangla Punjab Haveli

Rangla Punjab Haveli

Rangla Punjab Haveli is a traditional Punjabi themed village that offers various activities where you can experience the true essence of Punjabi culture in an absolute conventional way. You can relish the authentic Punjabi culture and indulge in different aspects of Punjabi activities like weaving, dancing, playing marbles, fetching water, puppet show, and the most fascinating out of all being a decor masterpiece that will take you back in time to relive the ‘Pind’ life. Immerse yourself in all these experiences as you learn about the Punjabi culture and enrich your knowledge about the place you’re visiting on your holiday trip.

Location: Rangla Punjab Haveli, Jalandhar – Phagwara Highway, Khajurla, Grand Trunk Rd, Next to Haveli, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001
Timings: 12 – 4:30 pm; 6:30 – 11 pm
Entry fee: INR 600
To book your tickets click Website

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2. Devi Talab Mandir Temple

Devi Talab Mandir Temple

Situated in the heart of Jalandhar, this temple is believed to be more than 200 years old. Dedicated to Maa Durga, Devi temple is the most prominent structure of Jalandhar that attracts several devotees who come to worship here from all across the country. One of the prime attractions of this temple is an old tank which is considered to be sacred by many Hindu devotees, it also offers a serene backdrop against the majestic and ancient temple.

Location: Devi Talab Mandir, Tanda Road, Shiv Nagar, Industrial Area, Jalandhar, Punjab 144004

3. Pushpa Gujral Science City

Pushpa Gujral Science City

If you thought that this city was missing out on something, then this attraction covers it all. That’s right, Jalandhar is not only the land of the ancients and culturally driven monuments, but it has a touch of modernistic future fun science centre as well. Pushpa Gujral Science City is the answer to learning about science in a fun way. You’ll be greeted by a gigantic dinosaur on the entrance and once you’re inside, you can expect a whole lot of fun elements that depict technology and modern science in a predominantly agrarian land. Visitors can traverse the museum grounds, and stroll the galleries that cover a range of subjects from physical to social sciences, evolution, health, nuclear science and robotics. The centre also features a large-format IMAX screen and a digital planetarium that explores the wonders of space.

Location: Pushpa Gujral Science City, Jalandhar, Punjab
Timings: 9 am – 6 pm
To know more about Science City click Website

4. Wonderland Theme Park

Wonderland Theme Park

Beat the heat by splashing water across in the faces of your friends in enthralling water rides at this amusement park that is built on 11 acres of sheer fun. A great way to spend the weekend, the Wonderland Theme Park makes for a perfect getaway to escape the scorching heat and have fun with your friends and family. Touch the sky in the flying jets, feel the creeps at the haunted house and go splashing in the water rides. One of the key attractions of this amusement park is the Wave Pool and aqua dance floor where you can groove on the beats of your favourite tracks while literally soaking it up!

Location: Wonderland Theme Park, Jalandhar – Nakodar Rd, Wadala Chowk, After, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001
Timings: 10 am – 8 pm
Entry fee: INR 950

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5. Jang-e-Azadi Memorial

Jang-e-Azadi Memorial

Jang-e-Azadi Memorial is a memorial and museum built in memory of the contribution and sacrifices made by the Punjabi community during the Independence movement of India. The memorial is aimed at disseminating knowledge about the rich cultural heritage of the State in the minds of the youth. The memorial was founded on 19th October 2014

Location: Jang-e-Azadi, Grand Trunk Road, Kartarpur, Punjab
Timings: 10 am – 6 pm

6. Gurudwara Talhan Sahib Ji

Gurudwara Talhan Sahib ji

This Gurudwara is famous for its annual Shaheedi Jor Mela (fair) which is held in the memory of Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh, this fair is a big attraction in Jalandhar and the white marble backdrop of this Gurudwara offers a serene environment so you can stroll around in peace and absorb the calmness of this place.

Location: Gurudwara Talhan Sahib, Jalandhar Ludhiana Road Near, Jalandhar Cantt, Talhan, Punjab 144010

7. Nikku Park

Nikku Park

Nature enthusiasts in Jalandhar must visit this park that is surrounded by lush greenery and features exciting activities that will keep the kids occupied. This park is Jalandhar’s one of the main attractions that is centrally located and easy to reach. It features fun activities like enthralling rides and beautiful natural spots that the visitors can enjoy to catch a break from the mundane life. Witness the mesmerizing fountains and feast your eyes on the water bodies, breathe in the fresh air and create memories for a lifetime at this park. This also happens to be one of the best places to visit in Jalandhar for food lovers.

Location: Nikku Park, Model Town, Jalandhar
Timings: 9 am – 6 pm

8. Shaheed-e-Azam Museum

Shaheed-e-Azam Museum

This museum is dedicated to Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh and his compatriots, the great martyr of Punjab who sacrificed his life for the Independence of India. This historic monument reeks of history and culture and the atrocities that were faced during the British Raj. It throws light on the struggles of freedom fighters in India.

Location: Shaheed-e-Azam Museum, SH18, Khatkar Kalan, Punjab 144512
Timings: 10 am – 4:45 pm

9. Shiva Mandir

Shiva Mandir in Jalandhar

The renowned Shiva Mandir of Jalandhar was built by the Nawab of Sultanpur Lodhi and it is located inside the Gur Mandi near Masjid Imam Nasar. The locals believe that the Nawab was attracted to a newly married Hindu girl but she, being a devotee of Lord Shiva, was saved by a serpent before he could employ his devious plan to abduct her. Astonished by the sudden emergence of this serpent out of nowhere, the Nawab begged the girl for forgiveness and built this temple, which is now one of the most respected places to visit in Jalandhar city. The shrine has an unusual architectural design where its gate has been constructed in the style of a mosque while the remaining temple complex is in the Hindu style of architecture.

Timings: 7 AM – 8 PM
Entry fee: Nil

10. Tulsi Mandir

Tulsi Mandir in Jalandhar

Tulsi Mandir is essentially the temple of Vrinda, the wife of Jalandhara. It’s a very ancient monument and is situated in the Kot Kishan Chand locality of this city. You’ll find a tank on one side of the shrine that is believed to have served as the bathing place of the demon Jalandhara in olden times. You can also visit the temple of Gupha which is located at a walking distance from this temple and bears an image of Annapurna, the Goddess of Plenty. You’ll find the Brahma Kund as well as various temples dedicated to Lord Shiva located very near to the Tulsi Mandir, along with the two ancient temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. It is among the most fascinating places to visit in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Timings: 7 AM – 8 PM
Entry fee: Nil

11. Sodal Mandir

Sodal Mandir in Jalandhar

Located right next to the Devi Talab Mandir on the Sodal Road, the Sodal Mandir is a lesser known but one of the most important places to visit at Jalandhar. It is dedicated to Baba Sodal who was born in a family of the Khatri caste in Jalandhar. The locals believe that Baba Sodal had once followed his mother to the pond despite being told to stay home, wherein his angry mother had told him to drown himself in the pond. Upon her word, Baba Sodal and supposedly plunged into the pool and drowned. This temple now has a samadhi comprising of a painted portrait of him that has been beautifully decorated with garland and rosaries. The temple also has a tank known as the Baba Sodal-da-Sarovar where pilgrims like to take a holy dip.

Timings: 7 AM – 8 PM
Entry fee: Nil

12. Raghuth Mandir

Raghuth Mandir in Jalandhar

Raghuth Mandir is among the most important places for pilgrims to offer prayers. Located in the main city of Jalandhar, Raghunath Mandir is among the most revered holy shrines where locals as well as travelers like to offer prayers to the Lord and seek his blessings. It is believed that this place washes you of your sins and makes your prayers come true. Though it is known to be a holy temple, this place is actually a peaceful palace and one of the best places to visit in Jalandhar.

Timings: 6 AM – 8 PM
Entry fee: Nil

13. Kartarpur Gurudwara

Kartarpur Gurudwara in Jalandhar

Kartarpur Gurudwara was established by the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjun Devji way back in the year 1656. This beautiful gurudwara is situated in Kartarpur and lies around 16 km from Jalandhar city center. It is one of the best places to visit in Jalandhar for couples who have just been blessed with a baby and are seeking blessings for their newborn child. The temple is visited by several devotees each year during the huge fair that is held here to mark the birth anniversary of the Guru. Near the gurudwara, you’ll also find the memorial Swami Virjanand, who was the teacher of Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

Timings: 5 AM – 11 PM
Entry fee: Nil

A trip to Punjab looks a lot more exciting as it features a mix of everything, from historic monuments to fun science centres and amusement parks, this city is a hub for all things fun. The buzzing hub of Punjab, Jalandhar is known for its historical monuments, rich heritage culture and several tourist attractions that make it an ideal holiday destination. Plan your trip to Jalandhar and make sure you include these places to visit in Jalandhar in your itinerary and have a fun holiday trip with your friends and family.

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Shun The Cliched and Visit These 10 Best Waterfalls In France This Summer!

France, the lively and chaotic country is bubbling with life, and who wouldn’t want to dip their feet into the exuberant stream of life that France depicts. Apart from shopping, museums, art and historical monuments like the Eiffel Tower, France also has a streaming source of adventurous and nature getaways for those who seek such joys in their lives. There are some majestic waterfalls in France which will steal your breath and assuage that nature-lover in you.

Here are the top 10 most breath-taking waterfalls in France that you should definitely visit if you are in that part of the World.

1. Cascades du HĂ©risson

Cascades du HĂ©risson

This noisy cascade of a waterfall is a natural heritage site, and it is situated in Menétrux-de-Joux. The green envelope surrounding the waterfall gives a dark and sultry feel to the whole experience. A fair amount of trekking is required to reach to the top, but the site is worth the challenge. It is easily one of the best waterfalls in France.

A word of caution: Since the rocks will be slippery with water, please wear proper footwear.
Where: 39130 Le Frasnois, France

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2. Cascade de Vulvoz

 Cascade de Vulvoz

This waterfall is situated deep into the woods of Saint Claude. A path through the forest will take you to this hidden waterfall, and it is a sight to behold! Get your bathing suits on, because the shallow water reflecting the foliage above is perfect for a leisurely swim. No wonder this hidden gem made it to the top 10 waterfalls in France!

Where: 39360 Vulvoz, France

3. Chute de la Druise

Chute de la Druise

The literal translation of the name of this waterfall is- Fall of the Druise. It is located in Plan-de-Baix, which is in the Alpes! The rocky terrain is dotted with greenery which provides the perfect backdrop for the Fall of the Druise. With such a dramatic name, it is, as the French say it- “Simplemente magnifico”! The France tourism may not promote their gorgeous waterfalls but they make an important part of tourism in the nation.

Where: 26400 Plan-de-Baix, France

4. Cascade de la Lance

Cascade de la Lance

This waterfall is aptly named as the Cascade of the Lance since the waterfall looks like an upside-down lance. It is situated in the rocky womb of Colmars. Walls of stepped rock surround the waterfall while the water rushes out with grace from an orifice in the cliff. It is truly a magnificent sight to behold!

Where: 04370 Colmars, France

5. Cascade des Anglais

Cascade des Anglais

This lively little waterfall is situated in Vivario. It is the perfect spot for fulfilling your wild swimming fantasies! This waterfall feels like a small party that never wants to disband. There’s something about the shallow pool, the sizzling of the waterfall, and the cocoon of rocks that turns a trip to this waterfall into a frat party.

Where: 20219 Vivario, France

6. Sillans la Cascade

Sillans la Cascade

This postcard-perfect waterfall is situated in Provence-Alpes-CĂ´te d’Azur region of France. This is the waterfall usually depicted in calendars and posters. Wispy and foamy water floats down from the cliff and mixes with the azure water of the pool. Dark foliage crowns the cliff and frames the pool. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing waterfalls in France.

Where: 83690, France

7. Ruisseau de Planfaé

Ruisseau de Planfaé

The PlanfaĂ© Creek has a small waterfall that may not seem impressive at first. But, the pool is a prime location for wild swimming, and the cliffs are an explorer’s wildest dreams. The curtain of creepers adds a layer of mystery to this place. Located in the Maritimes, Alpes, it is the prime location to enjoy nature’s bounty in the form of perfect weather conditions.

Where: 06440 Lucéram, France

8. Cascade du Sautadet

Cascade du Sautadet

This waterfall is also known as the Jumping Waterfall and is located in Occitanie. This is because it jumps from one cliff to another. This rocky waterfall has the rugged charms of England which contradict the delicateness of France. Do not miss out on this waterfall if you seem to enjoy a healthy rock climbing.

Where: 30200, France

9. Gorges du Llech

Gorges du Llech

This heavenly gorge is located in Ravine. A fair amount of rock climbing is required to reach the bottom of the waterfall, which is covered by tall cliffs on all sides. This is a perfect place to test your adventurous side. The sight that greets you at the bottom of the frothy waterfall is worth the trouble you went through to get there.

10. Cirque de Navacelles

Cirque de Navacelles

It is located in Blandas, in the southern edge of the Massif Central mountain range of France. This beautiful waterfall spreads out sporadically over the cliffs giving a distinctive feel of a natural water park. Needless to say, the tourists here enjoy their time to the fullest by swimming in the pool and climbing the cliffs.

Where: 34520 Saint-Maurice-Navacelles, France

There is infinitely more to France than what meets the eye. Visiting the same overrated tourist places repeatedly isn’t any fun. So, this time you plan a trip to France, visit the best waterfalls in France and boast about doing something different.

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